10 Easy and Effective Tips to Write a Personal Statement for Yourself

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Be it the admission in university/ college or the job hunt process, one needs to have a powerful and effective job application and personal statement.

Apart from the compelling and strong resume, a personal statement is the very first thing that could help you in getting admission and job. In universities and nursing college, one has to submit the admission essay along with the personal statement to have a positive and convincing impression over the management.

When it comes to the job application, personal statement needs to be written within the resume to make a powerful impact over the recruiter. You may have an idea of what a good resume is and you might be creating outclass and noticeable CV for yourself. But if you aren’t incorporating a good personal statement rightly, you may lose the battle!

In a nutshell, personal statement is what you need to land the job in your dream organization and to get the admission in your favorite college/ university. Personal statement serves the backbone of your professional image via resume and via admission essay!

Do you have the perfect idea of what a personal statement is?

If not, then keep on reading! In this quick-fix guide, we have broken down the importance and purpose of personal statement along with some effective and easy tips. These 10 tips would help you to craft an excellent personal statement for yourself.


The personal statement in a CV or in the admission essay can be understood as the personal profile, professional profile, and the career objective. With the help of personal statement, one is able to reflect his core focus and his actual thoughts about the future career.

While writing the personal statement in the resume and in the admission essay, one has to speak about himself clearly and with a positive note. Letting the recruiter or the management know about your future goals is very essential to grab the place rightly.

However, writing a personal statement could be pretty daunting for so many students and newbies of professional life. In such crucial situation, individuals are highly recommended to take the help from experts of personal statement writing services.

There are a lot of job hunters out there who don’t get the personal statement rightly and they end up losing the opportunity of getting an excellent job instantly.

Similarly, there are so many students who are unable to express their qualities and interest to the management of the college proficiently. What they get in the end is the rejection due to the absence of strong personal statement.


You might be thinking that why personal statement is important for the job-hunters and students. Well, with the help of the personal statement in the CV, the recruiters can grab the idea of your professional profile. Also, your objectives and prime motives in the career would become clearer to the hiring managers.

On the other hand, writing personal statement in your admission essay would help you to grab the attention of the management. The heads of the university would be able to understand that why do you want to join their college and which field interests you more and why!

With the help of personal statement, personal visions and missions of an individual also become clearer to the management. Painting your own self could be a great hustle and personal statement asks an individual to put in a lot of efforts. Let’s have a look at the tips that would be helping you to write an effective personal statement for yourself. This will work wonders for both the sectors.

Make a great draft:

Ensure to write a strong and great of the draft with all the possible things that you want the management to know about you. This is the only way to create an outstanding first draft.

Take the time to write:

You must take the maximum time to write the personal statement for yourself. Focus on the things that you love and then move ahead with the writing. Ensure that it is convincing!

Find perfect words and expressions:

Experts from assignment ace UK, believe that the personal statement should be incorporated with the perfect words and expressions. Ensure to emit your real self from personal statement.

Highlight the strengths:

Showcase all your skills and your strengths in your personal statement. Let the person on the other side hear about your talents and qualities. Share the experience in few words as well.

Sound with honesty:

Nothing stands upon the lies. Make sure to sound with honesty in your entire personal statement. Make sure whatever you have written is genuine, authentic, and contain no lies.

Avoid jargon and technical words:

Incorporating technical words and jargon in your personal statement is never a good idea. Keep it simple and minimal with the words however, information should be on point and brief.

Talk about the skillset:

Do not forget to talk about your skillset as the companies and universities, both the places look for the candidates that have advance technical and soft skills on fingertips. This is beneficial for the growth of the company.

Think about the future:

Talk about your future in your personal statement. Reflect your ambitions and future plans within your personal statement and let the others know that why you are the perfect fit for the open position.

Conclusion should be powerful:

Tie up the entire knot neatly. With an impressive and compelling conclusion, the recruiter or the management would be having a deep insight into your professional plan.

Proofread and edit:

Editing the entire draft and proofreading it keenly would also help to empower your personal statement. Ensure that there is no silly mistakes in your draft and everything is winded up neatly.


With the help of this comprehensive and ultimate guide, you would be able to write an effective and powerful personal statement for yourself. Also, ensure to proofread your personal statement twice before submitting it with resume or admission essay.

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