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10 Killer Ideas for Your Hotels Blog


Are you at a loss for what to write about in your hotels blog articles? We’ve compiled a list of blog ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Hoteliers are fortunate. There are numerous avenues and topics for you to blog about as a part of a larger lifestyle category. Your intended audience – business and leisure travellers – is diverse and seeking a wide range of information regarding the location, things around your property, history, people, food, and top experiences. Use these to entice these visitors to your website via an engaging blog. Then sell them the experiences at your property.

1. Massena NY attractions and Events in the Area

Google Local Guides reaffirms that local data is the key to content marketing success. Travellers are looking for rich, involving, and unique travel tips and ideas about your location most of the time. You can be the one to give these by discussing local attractions (how to best enjoy them), unusual news, refurbishments and updates, and off-the-beaten-path sites. Local events are also famous blog posts – what’s coming up, how to relish the events, and itinerary thoughts centred on the popular events.

2. Images and Videos

Visual blog content is perhaps the most intriguing. Examine your surroundings, including your property, city, and location. Capture everything, add a relevant caption, and post away. Post photos and videos from various seasons – they have a high search value as well.

3. Food, Wine, and Everything Luxurious

Who doesn’t enjoy talking about food, wine, beer, spas, and so on? And related opulent experiences while on vacation – or places to eat in Massena NY? If you have these services, show them off. Discuss seasonal menu options, your wine list, how you select beers, the winemakers and brewers responsible for these beverages, your spa menu. If your property does not possess a spa, write a blog about the best spas in your area. Widen your F&B focus to famous local spots such as hidden eateries, local foodie celebrities, new openings, and best of series.

4. Travel Suggestions

What should travellers bring? What kind of weather can they expect? Is the water in the area safe to drink? How do they book activities? What are the things to do around Massena NY ? Travellers have many questions regarding your hotels Massena New York. Use your blog to respond to these questions and stay relevant.

things to do in Massena NY

5. Recommendations for Blogs and Books

The last thing a traveller wants to do is sift through pages of destination information to find important data. Make things convenient for them by creating a current list of the best destination blogs to read.

6. Your Values and Beliefs

It’s not as dull as it sounds! If you care about the environment, adore cars, go hiking, or have another hobby, use your blog to express yourself. Someone else believes or is interested in what you believe or are interested in. And these active users could be your next guests.

7. Behind the Scenes

Everyone wants to be ‘in the know.’ Try writing a blog from the point of view of your hotel’s employees or providing a sneak peek at a latest feature or re-design .Try to be funny to make it interesting.

8. Legends and History of the Area

Are there tales about ghosts or legends in your hotels Massena New York area? Did your hotel motivate a well-known novelist or star in a film? Use those tales to entice your readers on your blog.

Also, teach potential visitors about the local history and traditions, explaining great historical events and describing the origins of local customs. Some folks travel to find calmness, while others travel to explore a variety of places and ways of life.

9. Language Phrases That Are Useful

Create a list of handy everyday phrases in a language guide if your hotel is in a foreign nation.

10. Celebrities Paying a Visit

It’s the age of celebrity culture, with fans eager to learn everything they can about their idols. So, if a celebrity comes to town, make a big deal out of it. Write posts such as “local sports celebrity A should visit” or “where you can meet celebrity A while in town.”

So, the next time you’re stumped for a blog topic, check out this list. It is by no means exhaustive; however it is a wonderful back-up for when you run out of ideas.

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