10 Smart Ways to Keep Virtual Attendees Engaged

It’s 2021, and by now, we all have a fair understanding of virtual events. Today, various industries and organizations are conducting online events on a large scale. At virtual events, attendee engagement plays a vital role.

Virtual event fatigue is a significant challenge that can lead to attendee drop-off. To eliminate this, it is important to make your events highly engaging, interactive, and memorable.

Let us walk you through 10 smart ways that will help you keep your virtual attendees engaged;

Determine the Virtual Platform and the Format of the Event

To host a unique online event, it is vital to look for an ideal virtual platform that can take your event online and make it a fascinating and remarkable experience. Besides this, you have to wisely determine the format of your virtual event to keep your attendees involved and hooked throughout.

Here are a few questions to contemplate before the decide the format:
Do you want your event to be live, pre-recorded, or on-demand?
How will you facilitate 2-way communication?
How will the attendees interact with each other on a real-time basis?
Will you include a live chat feature?

Another notable factor is to identify the expectations of your target audience. With a better understanding, it becomes easier to meet their expectations and host a realistic virtual event. Besides compelling content, noteworthy speakers, and valuable insights, you need to ensure that attendees can seamlessly interact and connect with other participants and exhibitors.

Include Live Chat and Promote 2-Way Communication

For any virtual event – be it a virtual meeting, conference, exhibition, or trade show, it is vital to make way for 2-way communication. Include features like virtual networking tables, live chat, B2B meetings scheduler, business card exchange, and many more to boost engagement at your event.

Virtual networking tables incorporate 1:1 and group discussion functionality to let the attendees and sponsors build new connections and generate more qualified leads.
Similarly, the live chat feature enables the participants to have real-time interactions. It is an effective strategy to help recreate the experiences of an on-site event.
B2B meetings scheduler is a powerful approach to get prospect leads at an online event. If two people find it right, they can decide on a mutual time to schedule a meeting event after the event is over.

Conduct live Polls and Q&A sessions

Look for a virtual event solution that can seamlessly organize live polls and Q&A during the sessions to let the speakers, hosts, and attendees experience real-time interactions. Allow attendees to ask relevant questions and give answers throughout the session. If you are providing excellent content, participants will have questions for the speakers. Incorporate Q&A sessions just like you would during an in-person event. It is a great way to keep the attendees engaged and interested in your virtual event.


Everyone loves to play games – be it physical, virtual, or hybrid events.
Adding a fun element to your online events is an effective method to stimulate excitement among the attendees. Games like spin the wheel, shooting games, trivia, crosswords, tic-tac-toe, word games can make your events more impressive and enjoyable. Innovative virtual games are an excellent approach to break the boredom between sessions.

Create Excitement

Creating a buzz or excitement is a useful way to boost engagement at your virtual event. To make your event highly interactive and bizarre, you need to promote your event rightly. Make the most of different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to post promotional videos and pictures to enhance the global reach of your event. Post some compelling clips or content that can drive more participants and generate a sense of excitement among them. Use event-specific and attractive hashtags that will increase your social presence. Besides generating excitement, this will also promote your brand and drive more sales opportunities.

Keep Shorter Sessions

Determining the span of your sessions is an important factor. Keeping shorter sessions or including breaks between the sessions ensures that none of your attendees feel fatigued or get sidetracked. We understand that participants might find it frustrating to sit at a place for long hours gazing at the screen. Hence, this is why it is vital to organize your sessions with periodic breaks.

Think of keeping breaks just before an essential session so the participants can revive themselves and the purpose of your event is delivered accurately.

Include Icebreaker Activity

Icebreaker activities are an effective way to keep the attendees involved and interested. Keeping long sessions without any exciting activity can lead to attendee drop-off. Therefore, try to incorporate ice breaker activities between the sessions to encourage real-time interaction. You can keep everyone involved by asking attention-grabbing questions like “Where would they like to travel after things normalize?” or “Which are the activities that have missed the most during the lockdown and WFH scenario?”

Prominent Speakers

The speakers of an event play a significant role in keeping your attendees engaged through their content. Look for speakers who hold years of experience in the field and can deliver the content in the right tone. Try to keep different speakers at your event to bring a variety in the format of the event.

AI-Based Recommendations

It is one of the unique features of Dreamcast that lets you connect with like-minded people at online events. We understand that initiating the conversation at virtual events can be a little challenging when compared to on-site events. Hence, this is why AI matchmaking tools help you with a list of people who share the same interest and concerns.

Photo Booths and Social Walls

These are distinguishing features that let you conduct an appealing and interactive virtual event. With the help of branded digital photo booths, online attendees can take several photos, and post them on their social media channels. It will help enhance the social presence and promote your event and brand to a wide spectrum of people. Social walls accumulate the feeds and posts from all social channels with event-specific hashtags. Thus, allowing attendees to engage, interact, and connect seamlessly.

Final Word

As you outline your upcoming virtual event, remember to stay ahead of your competitors. Businesses are changing their event approaches to profit from the virtual environment.
Hence, this is why it becomes more important to make your event a realistic and bizarre experience for the attendees. Leverage the right event technology to incorporate excellent features to promote engagement and obtain more qualified leads.

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