10 Tips to Encourage Children to Read

molly and slappy series kids books
molly and slappy series kids books

When you are looking to buy children’s books in Ajax for your child, you should also consider some ways to encourage them to read. They can easily fall in love with reading only if appropriate encouragement techniques are used. Eventually they’ll start practicing it more and learning more too.

Sometimes children also get stuck on one book because it interests them. One of such books can be the molly and slappy series of kids’ books online. Re-reading can be extremely helpful for kids as it helps them with clarity, speed, and accuracy. It builds confidence in kids and makes them read more and more.

Here are some more tips on encouraging your child to read more.

Have a Comfortable Reading Spot

Kids are used to moving around the home instead of sitting in one place, that’s because they are kids! To make reading time more appealing and have them focus on the book, make a corner in your home comfortable and cozy to spend time in. You can also havethe kids help you decorate it a little to set the best tone for reading there.

  • Reading Material shouldn’t be beyond their level.

While buying kids’ books in Ajax, you should make sure that the book is at the level with your child’s reading abilities. If you choose a book that interest you but it takes too much effort  for your child, they might avoid reading it. You can use the five-finger technique here.

  • Have read-aloud sessions

It is essential that your child feels connected to you and at ease, sit with them and ask them to read aloud. This way they can practice their reading, and you can gently correct them when they make pronunciation mistakes. Audiobooks are another way to engage them in these sessions.

  • Sit with them while they read.

Reading should not feel like a burden to them. If they have a packed schedule, don’t forcereading time.When the time is appropriate,bring books like the molly and slappy series and other kids’ books available online. Make them feel that reading is an activity full of pleasure.

  • Read along with them.

When your child is reading and finds it difficult to concentrate, you can sit and read with them. You can also do some reading activities to motivate, audiobooks can be another good way to listen and converse with your child.

  • Do storytelling sessions

Sometimes listening to exciting stories can also encourage them to read. When you read stories that they find interesting, they might want to reread them themselves, even in your absence.

  • Focus on picture books more

When buying kids’ books in Ajax, you should consider books with lots of pictures first. Kids always find colorful books with explanatory pictures more attractive than plain books. You can also ask your children to read to each other, so it seems more fun than a task.

  • Introduce a variety of books

When you take your children to buy children’s books in Ajax, make sure you introduce versatile books to them. Help them explore as many genres as possible. This will help themand you understand the genres they are interested in. Pick the ones they like.

  • Display your love for reading

Kids are known to copy what they see they see adults doing. If you read more or do other activities in your free time, your kids are sure to follow in your footsteps. Read in front of them and read with them as well.

  • Appreciate their effort

Making your kids read can sometime be trying, and this is where your patience comes in. When you see your child struggling with certain words, give them time to try and appreciate them. Set rewards for a certain amount of pages that your child reads, this will motivate them to read more and more.

Closing Note

Kids avoid reading because they find it boring and complicated. You can bring books like the molly and slappy series of kids’ books in Ajax available online because books that involve adventures and suspense can make the readers stuck on them. You can also engage them in the stories by asking them questions and thinking more about the stories they read. You can also use techniques like relating the characters and incidents to real life.

More importantly, make sure that your child can access whatever books they are looking for when they want to read. If they don’t find the books when they want, they might delay it for later and may forget to get back to it.

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