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4 Reasons Why Building Owners May Want to Get Window Film Installation

commercial window tinting market

The average adult likely doesn’t have knowledge of the wide range of window film available on the market today, nor do they understand that it can be applied to more than just car windows.

In fact, the commercial window tinting market is warming up, especially as building owners seek effective ways to reduce energy consumption during day-to-day operations and save money on overall maintenance costs.

Commercial Window Tinting Adds Insulation

A window with even the tightest seal still emanates cold air into the room in the winter. That’s because the glass itself isn’t particularly insulating. In lieu of blocking the view with something that is, commercial property owners can choose to apply window film to the insides of their building’s windows.

This layer of thick film can actually help block the chill during winter by adding a layer of insulation, so you can lower the heat. Modern commercial window film allows for perfect vision of the outdoors, which is far better than the old-school method that used sheets of plastic.

Commercial Window Tint Reflects the Sun’s Rays

The sun’s UVA and UVB rays shine down on us – and cause an array of skin issues, including cancer, age spots, wrinkles, and other types of sun damage. These are the same rays responsible for fading of fabrics and interior finishes.

Window film blocks those rays from entering. A simple application of certain types of window film can actually reduce your employees’ or tenants’ risk of developing skin cancer, particularly if they sit near windows for the majority of the day. The very same window film can keep your interior finishes looking newer, longer, which ultimately saves you money on replacement and renovation costs.


Commercial Window Tinting Reduces Hot or Cold Spots

Uneven temperatures are a problem in commercial buildings; people seated near the windows seem to bear the brunt of temperatures at both extremes, depending on the season. Meanwhile, those who sit toward the middle of the room, away from windows, may not notice the variables in temperature.

Keep all your employees and tenants comfortable by reducing hot or cold spots using window film. The film disperses the sun’s heat – and sometimes reflects it away from the building – so that the interior of your building is a more consistent temperature in all zones.


Commercial Window Tinting Protects Your Assets

We’ve already discussed how window tint can prevent your furnishings from fading, so you need to replace them less often. But the very same film also can help prevent breaking and entering and theft of property.

Security window films adhere to the inside of the window and make the glass much harder to shatter. If the pane should eventually fall to pieces, the thick window film and its aggressive adhesive will hold the glass together and in place. Once thieves realize just how hard it is to break into your building, they’ll flee the scene, and you’ll have minimal property damage and loss as a result.

The Cost of Commercial Window Film

When taking into consideration all the possible upgrades you could make to your commercial property to help even out the temperature indoors, cut your heating and cooling bills, and protect against vandalism, adding window film is one of the more affordable options.

Professional installers charge for materials by the square foot and for their labor hours – but they are capable of working incredibly quickly, thanks to having the right tools and experience to complete the job. If you’re considering upgrading your building to improve tenant comfort, ask your local commercial window tinting expert for their advice and recommendations on window film.

Is There a Demand?

In short, window tinting is a growing industry, and as more people become concerned about protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption, it’s safe to assume that window film products will become even more popular for commercial buildings.

Depending on your region, you may have a short waiting period before a professional window film installer can complete your project. And just like with any skilled labor service, you will want to be patient and wait until the best of the best can work on your building’s windows. The result of amateur installation almost always results in film removal: bubbles, lint, scratches, tears, or poorly-fitted sheets are all common issues.

Window Film For All Seasons

If you’re ready to make a difference in your building maintenance costs, it’s time to request an estimate for window tinting. Don’t let the season sway you into putting it off, because window film can be installed year-round in nearly all types of weather. Get ready to become more comfortable indoors, with commercial window film!


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