4 Ways to Make Your Bail Bond Process Go Faster


An arrest can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. You can, however, expedite the bail bond process to avoid spending a single night in jail. Continue reading to discover about four things you may do to get out of jail faster by posting bail.


1. Contact a 24/7 Bail Bond Agency

As soon as you contact a bail bond agent, they can begin the process of securing your release. Make sure you contact a Bail Bonds Houston Texas that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is close to the county jail so that they can begin the procedure right away.

A strategically positioned local bail bond firm will eliminate the need for you to wait too long for an agent to appear at your detention facility. As a result, the closer the agency is to the prison, the more quickly they may arrive.

Additionally, choose a bail bond company that allows collect calls so you may ask questions or check on the status of your case while you’re still incarcerated. Your agent can also make 3-way communications between you, your loved ones, and the bail office, depending on jail constraints, which can help speed up the bail bond process.

2. Obtain Information Regarding the Arrest

After you’ve called your bail bond agent, start gathering information from the jail officers about your arrest, as your bail bond agent will need it for your release. The circumstances of your alleged offence, your inmate number, and the location of the jail where you are detained are all examples of such information.

3. Enlist the help of a cosigner

A cosigner will fulfil two functions. First and foremost, they will be in charge of paying your bail bond. To be freed, they must sign a legally binding contract with the bail bond firm and pay the bail bond fees.

Second, they’ll assist you in gathering all of the paperwork you’ll need for your release. Your government-issued ID, your arrest background information, and your cosigner’s evidence of income and residence may vary depending on your bail bond firm, but common paperwork include your government-issued ID, your arrest background information, and your cosigner’s proof of income and residence.

The cosigner does not need to come to the bail bond office at first because they can fax or email the paperwork to the bail bond business and pay the bail bond fees online or over the phone. You will save a lot of time with these online purchases.

4. Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Although you do not need a lawyer to start the bail bond process, having one can be beneficial. First, because criminal defence lawyers are familiar with bail schedules, they can typically anticipate your bond amount before it is set, allowing you to budget accordingly.

Second, they can secure you a special bail hearing or a court date for your preliminary hearing if the authorities haven’t established your bail amount right away. Furthermore, if your bail has been denied or may be too high, your lawyer might ask the court to set or lessen your bail. You may have to wait a long time in jail for your bond hearing if you don’t have legal representation.

We know how aggravating and humiliating being arrested can be. If you require bail bond services in  in a Houston or Harris County please contact us or visit us. Contact us if you’ve recently been arrested or would like to learn more about the bail bond process so you can assist a friend or loved one.

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