5 Best Books For Data Science


To be a data scientist is a dreaming job of the 21st century, and it offers a high salary and opportunities to grow.

All the industries are using data science to grow by leaps and bounds and help industries to deliver the products and services to the customers according to their requirements.

Are you one of those who want to work as a data scientist and looking for how to become a data scientist?

If yes, your search ends here. This blog will discuss some best books for data science that you can read whether you are a working person or a beginner.

You can read these books to learn data science or to excel in this field. If you are already working as a data scientist, you can read these books to enhance your knowledge of data science to be updated with its inventions and applications.

Best books for data science

Below we are providing you with the best 5 books for data science that will add value to your previous knowledge and profile. 

Data Science from Scratch

Writer- Joel Grus

This book is a good introduction to data science and data analytics. It covers linear algebra, Python, probability, and statistics in a crash course. It enables you to collect and manipulate data, and you will learn the fundamentals of machine learning.

After reading this book, you will get to know how to implement models like k-nearest neighbors, linear and logistic regression, neural networks, and clustering. This book is divided into 27 chapters with different easy-to-read content. 

In addition, it makes you able to explore recommender systems, network analysis, and databases. You can learn all the basic concepts of data science from this book.

Build a Career in Data Science

Writer- Emily Robinson, Jacqueline Nolis

This book is a better guide for initializing your data science career and getting your first job as a data scientist. It provides all the knowledge to become an expert from a beginner.

 When you read this book, you will know how to build a portfolio of data science projects. “Build a Career in Data Science” also offers some interviews with experts of data science.

 In this book, 16 chapters are categorized into four parts with different levels such as beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. These four chapters include the below topics-

  • Getting started with data science
  • Finding your data science job
  • Settling into data science
  • Growing in your data science role

Data Science for Dummies

Writer- Lillian Pierson

“Data Science for Dummies” is one of the best books of data science that guide the aspirants from the beginning. It provides you a broad overview of data science to get familiar with it. 

Apart from this, it also includes topics such as data engineering, programming languages like Python, machine learning, R, artificial intelligence, etc. It also assists you with the data visualization techniques that are used to represent, interpret and transmit data insights you create. 

This book contains a total of 23 chapters in 6 parts. If you are curious to know about data science, you can start your reading with this book as all the content is written in a simple language. 

You can easily understand the written text in this book as this book is written for beginners who want to shine as data scientists in the future.

Python Data Science Handbook

Writer- Jake VanderPlas

This book provides you with an introduction to the python language in addition to the ways to do machine learning with python tools. The Python Data Science Handbook covers all the important aspects that are required in the data science process, such as data collection, exploration, modeling, and visualizing the results and conclusion.

It completes all the information in 5 chapters, and the 5th chapter is all about machine learning. In this book, you will get practical examples, rich information, tricks, and other new dimensions to your knowledge of the topic. Data scientists who compute in Python can refer to this book.

Data Science for Business

Writer- Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett

The people who are involved in different businesses should read this book for the basic knowledge of data science. It will enhance the knowledge of the business people regarding data science, and they will learn how to use data science to grow their businesses continuously.

“Data science for business” is written in an easy context, and one can read it without any difficulties. So if you want to shine your business and gain advantages, prefer to read this valuable book.


Although there are different sources to learn data science and be a data scientist such as udemy, coursera, books give you a better overview regarding this field. In this blog we have explored some best books for data science that can instill you with a positive attitude and productivity. 

I hope you liked this blog and now you know the sources from where you can start your journey of data science. If you want to excel in this field and intend to earn a handsome package of salary, start reading these books for the best knowledge.

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