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5 Major Reasons why Having a Driveway is Essential

5 Major Reasons why Having a Driveway is Essential

Property owners usually don’t focus much on paving driveways which becomes relatively unnoticed than other exterior parts such as landscaping, establishing gardens and lawns. This can either make or break your property’s value so, it is essential to appoint a professional commercial concreter in Melbourne who will install the driveway for you as it offers a wide range of benefits apart from making the construction look aesthetically pleasing.



Let’s have a closer look at why you must install a driveway:

  1. Ease of access:

    As the majority of households have more than one car, it can be quite challenging and frustrating for you to look for a space outside your home to park at the end of a working day. Hence, parking your vehicle in your driveway will simply release all your stress and worries as you leave the house for work.

Having a driveway tends to make the everyday activities look much easier to perform like shopping or removing the car seats. Therefore, you must not underestimate the importance of having a driveway.


  1. Ensures safety:

    While living on a busy road, getting everyone into the car safely especially young children can be a daunting task if your car is parked on the road. Being worried about the oncoming cars while opening the doors wide enough to get your children inside is something that shouldn’t trouble you on a daily basis. Hence, having a driveway will surely ensure you a peace of mind as you will get access to an entire space for letting your children get safely into the car.

Parking on the road will not only pose a serious threat to you and your family but will also to your car and other passengers as any passing vehicle can easily hit your car and cause serious damage.


  1. Adds value to your property:

    The exteriors of your property are equally important as the interiors if you are checking its value. The areas such as gardens, driveways, and patios are taken into consideration when giving you a valuation.

Thus, a lack of driveway or unkempt grass, cracked pavements and unmatched paving slabs will not only depreciate the value of your property but will also have a negative impact on any potential buyer. Having a well-maintained and high-quality driveway will add value to your property, making it much easier for you to sell.

Nowadays, people mostly look for a house that includes a driveway while moving out and tend to immediately turn down the offer if your property doesn’t have it.

Therefore, you must consider installing a driveway at your place if you want your property to sell quickly and easily at the best ongoing prices.


  1. Makes your property look aesthetically pleasing:

    You would always want your property to look amazing as it is considered to be one of your biggest investments. Well, you might tend to regularly redecorate your rooms and spend a huge sum of money on furnishings to make the interiors look beautiful but it is equally important for you to focus on the exteriors where installing a driveway can make a huge difference.

You would always want to make a good and lasting impression on your guests who would notice the exteriors of your property first, hence installing a driveway would not only turn out to be practical but will also enhance the look of the structure.


  1. Driveways help to improve parking functionality:

    Upgrading your driveway is equally important as paving a new one as they tend to erode over time especially if the pavements are made up of asphalt or concrete. This would not only make it more appealing but will also make the overall parking functionality more feasible and accessible. Using paving stones would ensure that the driveway is safe for parking, running, walking and playing. The driveways have to be designed and installed in such a way that they are durable enough to support the cars that are parked and increased foot traffic efficiently.


Here are some other benefits of having a driveway:

  • It requires low maintenance: a concrete or an aggregate driveway with a textured finish will free you from the responsibility of mowing, watering, and providing constant care and attention, unlike a grassed area. Concrete structures are highly durable and require a small amount of time for their care hence, making it a choice for many in the industrial areas.
  • Greater functionality: a durable driveway would be quite beneficial for the properties that are built on slopes as it can be angled to keep the rainwater away from the homes or offices which could lead to damps and subsistence. A high-quality driveway would act as a great storage space for all your transport and vehicles. A properly laid out driveway would also make sure that no dirt or muck is brought in your property and could last for years.
  • Cheaper car insurance: it is usually cheaper for you to park your vehicle in your driveway than parking on the road as it can reduce the risks involved with the insurance when you actually park in your driveways.


So, no matter whether you are planning to sell your property or enhance the exteriors, you would have to install a driveway that requires you to hire a professional paving company to get the job done right. Hence, we at Roadseal Civil are here for all your paving requirements that promise to turn your driveways as an elegant entrance to your place.

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