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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Looking for a Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin Exchange

Looking for a Bitcoin exchange for the first time requires the interested parties to have some relevant information so they can avoid the commonly committed mistakes and make an informed decision. There are numerous crypto exchanges and choosing a suitable one from a variety of options can be challenging and stressful for some.

There are several factors one should consider before they settle for a crypto exchange to buy or trade Bitcoin or any other digital asset. The security systems, user interface, fee structure, trading tools and more are some of the factors that are important to analyze if you want to find the best Bitcoin exchange.

Here are some mistakes that people often make when they step into crypto space for the first time. Avoiding these mistakes can help you find a suitable exchange with minimum inconveniences.

Avoid Settling for the First Bitcoin Exchange

Settling for the first option that beginners come across is one of the most commonly made mistakes. People who are new to the crypto space look to find a suitable exchange as soon as possible for several reasons. Being faced with numerous choices can be overwhelming and even intimidating at times, which is why people look to settle for an exchange as soon as they can.

However, in an attempt to quickly settle for an exchange they sometimes miss out on the options that can lead them to find the best Bitcoin exchange. Therefore, as a beginner, it is important that you do not hastily choose the first option you come across. Instead, you should take your time and patiently choose a platform after carefully analyzing the features and services it has to offer. This can help you find a Bitcoin exchange that suits your needs and criteria.

Having No Idea About your Options

This is in accordance with the mistake mentioned above. Not knowing your options can complicate the process of finding the best Bitcoin exchange. This is because as a beginner it would not be possible to filter out the unsuitable exchanges if you are unaware of different options you have.

Therefore, to make sure you find the most suitable platform to buy or trade Bitcoin you need to take your time and get an idea about your options. Once you know about your options only then can you carry out some form of research and identify the best exchange.

Choosing an Exchange without Proper Research

Doing proper research to find a suitable Bitcoin exchange is not only limited to jotting down the names of the suitable crypto exchanges. It can also include conducting research regarding the kind of services and features offered by each exchange.

This is one of the most important things you should consider and carry out as a beginner. If you have no prior experience of choosing a crypto exchange then you need to know the kind of services each possible option has to offer.

Knowing the details can help you identify the best exchange to buy Bitcoin with credit card, debit card or bank transfers and more. This can also help you look for an exchange that ticks all other boxes for you.

Failing to Check Availability of the Exchange

As a beginner, looking for a Bitcoin exchange for the first time, you should know that every crypto exchange is not available in all parts of the world. Due to strict regulations in some countries, crypto exchanges do not extend their services to the users in those countries.

Not checking the availability of a crypto exchange before choosing it is one of the mistakes you should know about so you can avoid it. As a first-time, Bitcoin investor or trader, make sure you take a look at the availability of the exchange you like in your country or region.

If the chosen exchange is not available for you then you should look for the best Bitcoin exchange that is available in your area.

Not Checking Customer Feedback

Customer feedback, or the ratings and reviews given to a Bitcoin exchange is another major factor that you should look at before finalizing an exchange. People often forget to check the customer feedback, which is a mistake you should avoid.

The ratings and reviews given to a crypto exchange can help you get an idea regarding the kind of experience other users had. It can help you determine what to expect from an exchange and make it easy to identify the best Bitcoin exchange.


Finding a Bitcoin exchange from a wide array of options can be stressful, time-consuming and even exhausting. However, the entire experience can be easier, convenient and safer if you have some helpful information. Above-mentioned are some of the common mistakes beginners often make that you can avoid.

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