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When students pick a college, their focus isn’t just on the course of study offered but the overall experience. Traditionally, walk-through college tours gave prospective students a fair idea of what they could expect their life on the campus to be like. Today, travel is still quite highly restricted and colleges have had to digitize the campus tour experience. College virtual tours have many benefits as there are no time restrictions and prospective students from around the world can have a glimpse at campus life from the comfort of their homes. It can streamline the admission process to a great extent. Let’s look at a few elements your virtual tour must have.

360° Panoramic Images

When a student walks on the campus, they can look anywhere they like. So, why should their vision be limited to a flat image on a virtual tour? 360° panoramic images are a very effective way to give students a complete view of the institution and demonstrate the beauty of your campus. You can also incorporate hot spots in this panoramic image to share interesting text snippets, audio and links to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Multi-language options

Recognize the fact that though English may be your primary mode of teaching, not all prospective students may be equally fluent in the language. It always helps to have multiple language choices for college virtual tours. This gives them a personalized experience and boosts the belief that they will have other students like them. It is thus especially important when targeting international students.

Relatable student guides

Prospective students want to hear from students already enrolled in the school. Sure, professors could tell them about the course scope but it’s students who will be able to share information about the best clubs, the hottest events, where they hang out after class, etc. Whether you’re scripting a voiceover or an interactive tour, make sure your tour guides are energetic and positive and can share personal experiences of their life on campus.

A word from the alumni

The advantage of taking the experience online is that you can use a blend of old and new footage. You can show prospective students how the campus has grown and include a note from alumni. Let the alumni talk of their experiences on campus, what their life has been like after passing out and how they remain connected to the college network. This makes prospective students feel at ease about the upcoming transition and give them an inside scoop of what their future could look like.

Call to action buttons

Lastly, your virtual tour must have clear call to action buttons. Getting students to register before they view the tour give you a way to contact them to follow up with admissions. All forms used on the tour should be simple and short. They should be easy to find but positioned such that they do not interfere with the tour.

With college virtual tours you can take the college to your students rather than wait for students to travel to your campus. So, are you ready to get started? 

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