Naming a baby is a crucial yet enjoyable experience. It also has a lifetime effect on a person so it needs to be done properly. Here are a few things that you need to consider before naming your baby.

Family names:

Consider Your family tree while researching names. Usually, family trees have a unique name or a few unique nicknames. Honor your relatives, deceased or alive by taking their names or a portion of their names while naming your child. Naming a kid can be a hard task. Parents go through a lot of pressure during their journey towards naming kids.

Start by your dad or your mom’s side of the family. Pick one and dig a little deeper. Talk about unique names, maybe it is of a great-great-great-uncle or a great great great grandmother’s name. It will honor their souls too and their name will be alive after they’re gone. family names have significance and meanings. These names honor that person without whom you and your family would simply not even exist. Naming is always a tough decision, Kiyara is a baby girl’s name and Kiyara meaning is God’s gift.

Match with Sibling’s names:

If you have more than one kid and want all of your kids’ names to rhyme or simply sound good together. Probably you wish that their names have the same sound or begin with the same letter or maybe have the exact amount of characters or syllables. Parents sometimes like to start traditions by naming their kids differently. like, Kim Kardashian and Kenya West named their firstborn NORTH West and their second SOUTH. It is such a different name but it’s their family tradition and uniqueness. That is such a cool thing to do.

One can also name their kids with matching meanings of all the kids’ names. For example, if your one kid’s name is Anshu, and Aanshi means God’s gift, you can name another one Kiyara as Kiyara meaning is God’s precious gift. This is also a great idea.

Length and Nicknames:

Make sure you have an idea about How many syllables you want in your name? If your last name has fewer letters, make sure to ignore a long first name or middle name because that name will most probably sound like a tongue twister. Make sure to make your name sound Normal, so it shouldn’t be a reason to worry for kids while telling it to others. Baristas at Starbucks mostly fail to get spellings right. but if you name your kid with a lengthy word, educated people will also most likely make spelling mistakes at first.

Now talking about the nicknames, for example, your kids’ name Madhuri but you did not want to call her a full name, so you make it short by just calling her “Madhu”.Sometimes, it’s worth assigning a nickname you love to someone. My niece’s name is Rushba and we call her Rashi at home. Similarly, the name Kiyara meaning “God’s gift” can use a nickname like “Kia” or “kaya”.

Religion and Ethnicity:

If you are a religious person then you must consider names that have religious value too. For example, the name Kiyara meaning is God’s precious gift and it is a religious name for Hindu kids. Pooja is another religious name for Hindu girls. For Boys, you can use Ram, Akshay, and Vivek. 

According to the sixth publication of The Columbia Encyclopedia, Muhammad is most likely to be the considerably common given name in the whole world. All of that is due to its religious beliefs as it is The Last Prophets (PBUH) name and Muslims across the world name their kids for its blessings. More than 150 million men in the world bear the name Muhammad due to its relationship with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Well if you aren’t religious, there are countless other tales of saints and scholars in spiritual books that show an inspirational story and a beautiful name to honor the story as well.

Meaning and Popularity:

This may not make a difference to you, but to other people, it’s crucial to not give their child a name, which is popular or common. Parents prefer unique names because they don’t want to be in a classroom where there are four other girls named Maria. Parents want their kids to possess an extraordinary name that keeps a special feel as they’re unique and special.

Many people choose their kid’s name by its meaning. And we believe that is a proper way as a name affects personality. I know a friend that chose her daughter’s name Kiyara because not only did she like the name but also Kiyara meaning as it means“Gift of God,” “precious to God”. for more info visit gopostbox.

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