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Personal loan applications are simple in nature. But, to make sure you can optimise its convenience, borrowers must follow a few tips during application for instant approval. This article discusses 5 such tips.

In times of monetary needs, people turn to taking loans and borrowing money. In such times of desperation, you might make the wrong choice in picking a lender due to a rush. Personal loans are a great solution for this. With Fullerton India’s Personal Loan App, you can acquire and avail the benefits of a personal loan instantly. Hence, sufficing your need for funding in an emergency. While the process of borrowing a personal loan is simple and straightforward, to ensure that the sanction period is as short as possible, you must follow a few tips. The following are 5 tips you must abide by to get instant and quick approval on your online personal loans.

Tips for Getting Instant Approval on Online Personal Loans

  • Having a High Credit Score

A large part of a personal loan approval is your credit score. It indicates your reliability and repayment capacity to the lender. Those who have a high credit score, ideally of 750 and above, have a much greater chance of having their personal loan application approved in the span of a day or two. Therefore, by making sure that your credit score is consistent and higher than 750, your sanction period decreases by a lot. In addition to this, a stellar credit score has the twin benefit of giving you access to better and lower personal loan interest rates. 

  • Meeting the Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for any kind of loan, it is always best to check the eligibility criteria and ensure if you are fit for it. Knowing full well where you stand on your eligibility against the criteria, increases your chances to have your loan approved in a speedy manner as it helps you avoid glitches in processing. Furthermore, such checks also give you time to identify and rectify the shortcomings of your application, if there are any, prior to applying for a personal loan. To get clarity on what the eligibility criteria is, it is most effective to directly visit the online loan app and get the information directly from the source. 

  • Filling the Application Correctly

Although this might sound like the most basic and unsaid rule to be followed, many people fill their application forms frivolously and in a hurry. This leads to roadblocks in the approval period, and you have to end up spending more time on redoing the same steps. By filling the loan application form precisely, it helps significantly reduce the amount of time taken by lenders to process and verify the details of your application. It is advised that once you have filled your application form, ensure that you proofread it at least 3 times to check if all the information is accurate and there is no error in spellings.

  • Submitting Necessary Documents

Proper documentation is an integral part of getting your loan request approved and oftentimes one might forget to attach certain documents. This must be avoided as it delays the procedure and causes a hindrance.Additionally, the documentation you submit must be clear and readable. Blurred, smudgy, or unclear documentation can cause a longer verification process or even rejection of your request. Personal loans require very minimal documentation. So, keeping track of what to attach for the application is not overwhelming. It is always better to be on the safe side and have a checklist of documents required which can be picked up from the respective instant loan app.

  • Limiting Frequent Applications for Credit

Before applying for a personal loan, make sure you have not made any recent credit applications. This reflects on your credit history and can discourage lenders from giving you the loan. This happens because frequently applying for loans can lead to a significant plunge in your credit score. This kind of a negative impact can be a roadblock in the loan approval process. 


Undertaking a personal loan has many advantages and it is important to make the right choice in lenders to secure your financial health. Fullerton India’s personal loans offer competitive interest rates, flexible loan amounts, and tenure. To top it all off, the process is simple and can be availed in a very short period of time. By following the above mentioned steps, you can be rest assured that your borrowing process will be seamless!

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