Traditionally, homeschool has always been an option for those who stay in remote areas where there are no proper schools, or if the children have special needs thar prevents them from attending regular schools or because the parents chose that for their children. There have been critics of homeschool who feel students are not exposed to relevant social skills that will enable them to thrive in society or homeschool isn’t recognized by reputed universities. These arguments have been proven to be baseless over the years. In fact, the pandemic has made virtual high school a compulsion as students cannot attend regular schools. Here are ways in which homeschool is a great education medium

1. Customizable curriculum

In homeschool, the curriculum can be tweaked to suit the child’s needs, learning pace and personality. In subjects where the student has aptitude and interest, they can be encouraged to pursue it further and for the subjects where they are weak, extra emphasis can be paid or new teaching methodologies can be explored.

2. Strong student-teacher bond

In homeschool, students have a greater connect with their teacher as they mostly work one-on-one and there are better direct communication channels. In class, a student may feel shy to ask their teacher a question or they may be distracted, and they may lose the thread of what is being taught in class. With homeschool, there are fewer distractions as student and teacher have greater engagement. Students are more likely to have their doubts and queries addressed on the spot.

3. Unrestricted movement

For parents who have transferable jobs or work in remote regions where there aren’t any good schools and for students who cannot attend regular schools because they may have professional or other personal commitments, homeschool gives them an opportunity to complete their education.

4. Individualized learning

A great advantage of homeschool that leads to the student’s academic success is individualized learning. Kids can learn and comprehend things at a pace that suits them, and they don’t have to spend extra time to catch up with their peers in class. The class can be conducted in an environment that is harmonized to motivate the child to learn and spark their creativity. Online tutoring can add value to learning methodologies as the child can engage closely with the subject through a medium of instruction tailored for them.

5. Parents have better grasp of child’s progress

As parents play a big part in guiding the students, they have better grasp of the student’s abilities, and their strong and weak areas. They can guide their child to help them improve and understand better in what area they can push the child so that they excel in their academics, make informed choices on their further education and career options they have after college. With greater attention from parents, the child also becomes more attentive towards their studies which is reflected in their good grades and improved personalities. In fact, it also helps the child become independent with their education faster as children learn to set their timetable and follow a schedule as they graduate to higher classes.

6. Preferential learning

All students are not equal, and everyone has a favourite subject or activity in school. This fact often gets overlooked in school as everyone wants the pupil to be an all-rounder. It also causes confusion in the mind of the student and mars their confidence when they look at the big picture and compare themselves to their peers. With virtual high school students have the opportunity to recognize where their talents and interests lie and focus on them. With this clarity, they can work on their problem areas, that is, subjects in which they aren’t good to get the rudimentary knowledge and even good grades so that in future they can pursue any education programme or vocation they wish to pursue. Parents can also create a curriculum that focuses more on the area of interest of the student.

With the support from online resources for homeschool such as portals for creating course curriculum, books, learning and evaluation tools, virtual tutors and video tutorials among other things, students have a lot of options to learn better.

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