7 App Analytics Tools to track your mobile App’s Performance

mobile application analytics
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The analytics part comes after the development of a mobile application. Moreover, launching an application is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of work. Similarly, if you are a developer or a company, you want your mobile application to do good in among market. Therefore, the application does not only rely on development. Meanwhile, the tough about to come is gathering the users’ feedback and improving it with time.

Above all, developers and companies use analytics, tracking down the details of how much users have been facilitated through their app. They also see the reports of how much is communicating with their application. Further, a mobile app development agency in USA has been working on the analysis of applications. They provide the analytics of data to the company quickly and effectively.

What Wonders Analytics Tools Do?

Indeed, the success of any application count by how many users are accessing the application in their daily routine. Similarly, the advanced number of functionalities and features an individual app provides to the users. However, the market trends keep changing, and customers get bore by accessing the same features repeatedly. So, it’s not less than a challenging task to win a customer. For that, you need analytics that keeps monitoring the behaviors and interactions of users in their daily routine. So, you keep improving and coming up with more advanced features for your users.

Moreover, mobile app analytics give a comprehensive report about users. For instance, it tells you about the running time of an app. The teams can access this vital information to enhance an app. So, the user never gets bore from your app.

The achievement of app analytic tools is:

  • Keep generating a good amount of money
  • The detailed report of which helps you to keep coming up with new functionalities.
  • Increases your users.
  • Enlighten you with your explicit goals and assist individual’s performance.

However, it entirely depends on the business which area they want to focus on and get the details about its performance. Similarly, there are areas in which you can measure the performance of your app.

  • Engagement of a user
  • Customers gains
  • Application achievements
  • The satisfaction of the customer

However, it isn’t very easy for those who are not well aware of analytics. It gets hard to figure out which metrics we should focus on. Nonetheless, there are some features which the company should check on daily routine despite goals.

Installation: Measuring how many users your app has.

Uninstallation: The number of users who have uninstalled your Mobile application.

Retention rate: How many users are actively engaging with your app and downloading it on a weekly or monthly basis.

Meanwhile, some analytic tools can give you proper guidance on your app performance and let you know about the areas in which you can enhance and do better.

 Google Analytics / Firebase

Google is facilitating the companies through firebase. It has given detailed reports about the user’s interaction with the apps. Moreover, firebase can also be used for the development of an app. It’s a solution that provides not only analytics but hosting, A/B testing a platform to build an app. Those mobile applications with fewer users can access it for fewer prices than those apps with traffic in significant numbers.

However, it has the functionality to support numerous operating systems—for instance, Android and IOS. Thus, there is an essential characteristic of firebase.

  • No limitations on reporting
  • The division of users
  • Hosting
  • Android test lab
  • Availability of storing your data on cloud
  • The real-time analysis of app performance
  • Add combination with google Ads and Ad mob.

Meanwhile, the prices are not too high, and it only charges for the features which an individual wants to access.


This tool is the most remarkable analytic tool that helps find out user behavior in depth. The KPI helps the company to improve its user behavior in depth. UXcam provides users to have access to their history every time. It records their past browsing history. It gives an entire focus to improve the user experience. Above all, it saves a developer’s time by recording the previous history. So, it takes less time at maintenance. There are some central aspects of Uxcam. Likewise,

  • Detail report of user experience
  • Consecutive time replays
  • Data values and screen analysis
  • Increase troubleshooting with screen flow
  • Reason for losing users

Meanwhile, it has a 14-day free trial. Afterward, you have to pay for the license, which can provide you 5000 sessions.


It is situated in multiple places, which provides the same analytics tools. It trends the idea of being easily accessible for all companies, which is quite debatable. Likewise, small companies disagree on this point. Moreover, it comes with essential tools like funnel and cohort. The top trending events which happened in 80 to 90 hours are accessible through this tool.

Essential Characteristics of mixpanel are:

  • Tracking of millions of data for free
  • Device surveys
  • User installation report
  • Analysis tools
  • A/B Testing
  • Notification alerts

Meanwhile, mixpanel provides a free trial of up to 100,000 MTUs. But, further, you have to pay for the features which you want to access.


Flurry is one of those platforms which give total free access to app owners. Meanwhile, this tool provides all the essential features which an analysis tool should have. Above all, it’s the easiest one to understand and use. It merges effortlessly with your app, and you can track the inside information of user’s engagement in minutes. Meanwhile, if your app faces any error, it will save you time by capturing all your precious data, and you can easily access it next time.

Flurry characteristics:

  • Modified event tracking
  • Funnel, segment, and cohorts
  • Errors and crash reporting
  • User time analysis
  • Exit sketch
  • Real-time reports

It is one of the amazing things about flurry that it can be accessed for free. All the features are accessible without paying anything. However, you need App circle, App spot, and some other objects in your network to make it fully functional. 

Apple iOS App Analytics

The analytic tool is so essential that one of the biggest technology giants is also having this platform. But. It is only for IOS apps. There are only limited resources that can be accessible or look after through IOS apple analytics.

  • Usage
  • Sales
  • App store data

However, if you are looking for some more detailed reports about your apps, you can take the help of others tools. Because of some limited resources, they do not ask for any cost for using these resources. Meanwhile, Dai Mod Manager advantage is only for those who have subscriptions to the Apple developer program. Some essential features of Apple are:

  • Use of data
  • Trading data
  • Apple store data
  • User divisions
  • Error details
  • Approach developer assembly

Moreover, if you are not on the Apple developer program, it will ask for money to subscribe. There are multiple packages to which you can subscribe according to your needs.

Adobe Analytics

Besides giving you access to interactive media tools, it provides you an analytics tool that can analyze your mobile application’s performance. Above all, its entire focuses remain on user holdings. It is the most powerful tool to find out a user experience and a detailed report of user ventures. There are some critical aspects of abode analytics: For instance;

  • Cleverly dividing the user’s segmentation
  • User movement analysis
  • Modern analytics with the modern workspace
  • Aftereffects analysis
  • Flow investigation

Meanwhile, the prices entirely depend on the features which you access. Therefore, there are no stagnant and only charges you for the features which you want to use.

Facebook Analytics

Like other big giants, Facebook also provides this platform for users. Moreover, it gives an advantage to the companies by having a larger audience on their app. Facebook has an advanced stat that helps them track down the user’s understanding beyond multiple devices. In addition, it gives access to the detailed reports of each matric that allows companies to take action in a fast manner and improve their usability. Some essential features of Facebook analytics are:

  • Income analysis
  • Track down users on multiple devices
  • Funnel and cohort analysis
  • A straightforward approach to Facebook stats
  • Modified user’s segmentation
  • Automatically enlighten
  • Modified dials

Most importantly, it is free to access.

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Closing up

Further, when you are done with the mobile development process. It is not enough to declare that your mobile application will be successful. In the meantime, you have to tackle the user’s feedbacks and their issues. Moreover, you need the help of some tools which can give you this vital information and help you keep updating your apps effectively and efficiently. Above all, now you can choose the best analytic tool for your app, which will guide you to convert your app into a successful one.

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