7 Things To Consider While Buying Outdoor Camping Shower


There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors. If you love camping, you will probably want to take a shower every time you go out on a trip. The problem is that so many types of Outdoor Camping Showers are available, and it can be hard to choose the right one. There are many styles, options, and showers to choose from.

You should clearly know the features you want in a camping shower. That way, you can find one that fits your needs perfectly and do more than just showering when you go camping.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an outdoor camping unit:


1- Water Storage Capacity

Every person has individual water needs. If you go solo, ensure you can carry the container with water. Some models hold up to 15 gallons of water, while others hold up to 2 gallons. It mainly depends on how much water you think you will need on your trip. You should go for a model that offers sufficient water storage capacity.

2- Size Of Container And Hose

The size of the body is essential too. You want your outdoor camping shower to fit easily into your tent. The smaller the body is, the easier it will be for you to store when not in use. The longer the water hose, the better. If you plan on using your camping shower on a regular basis, get a smaller unit so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your storage area. You should check the water pressure that comes from the hose to make sure it is usable for your needs. If you have limited space on your campsite, always use a compact unit with enough water storage.

3- Price

Some camping showers can be very expensive. However, a little search can help you find an affordable option. The price of a camping shower can vary greatly depending on the features and materials used. The most basic model is made from aluminum and cost around $50, while a more expensive model could cost more than $100. You can easily find a feature-rich camping shower unit for $200.

4- Manual Or Electric

If you go camping often, then it’s likely that at some point, you will need to take a shower during a trip. You might stay overnight at a campground without access to running water or electricity for a shower. Some people prefer the manual option because they don’t like using electricity or have limited access to power. You can get a manual shower and set it up according to your needs. A good outdoor camping unit should be able to work without electricity and include provisions for storing it and having hot water at all times.

5- Built Quality

When you want to Buy Outdoor Camping Shower, check its built quality. Make sure it is built with durable materials. You may go to some difficult terrains during your camping trips. You won’t want a unit that breaks down while camping in some far-off location. Go through the reviews to learn about the quality of people who have used the camping shower. There are many sites on Google where you can go through the reviews.

6- Get an Insulated Unit

An insulated camping shower helps keep the heat out during cold weather months. If you store hot water, it will stay hot for hours. However, it might not be necessary if you live where winters aren’t harsh enough to warrant an insulated one. You can take a warm shower wherever you are camping when you have an insulated caping shower unit.

7- How Easy Is It To Clean?

If your camping shower has removable parts such as hoses and filters, they should be fairly easy to clean. You can also take these units to other locations like beaches and use them to clean the dirt from your body.


You have many options when you want to Buy Outdoor Camping Shower. You can easily find the best unit that meets your needs with the abovementioned points. You can also check out the BeachBox website, as they specialize in mobile shower units and other accessories.

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