7 Tips: How to be the Best Roommate ever

How to be the Best Roommate

Our roommates play a major role in our lives as we stay away from our family. We share our rented rooms with them. So, we should know how to be the best roommate.

This will only help us to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the room. If we have a friendly relationship with our roommate then it will make our time much happier than otherwise.

It doesn’t take much to be nice and respectful, so be nice to the one with whom you share your room. This will make you satisfy as well.

If you develop a good relationship with your roommate then that time will be eligible to be cherished forever.

Why is it necessary to be the best roommate ever?

It is extremely important to maintain a healthy and close relationship with your roommate to have a peaceful completion and beginning of the day.

If you don’t maintain a healthy relationship with your partner then you will feel suffocated in your room. A room is a place where you come back after your daily activity.

There you spent a chunk of time of your day. So, the one you are sharing the room holds greater importance in your life.

How to be the Best Roommate Ever?

There are not any set rules to say these are the only ways by which you can be the best roommate. But few tips that will help you to be a good roommate.

Be kind and respectful

It may happen that you don’t get along well with your roommate but you shouldn’t be disrespectful towards them. You should be kind and considerate with your roommate unless it will be difficult for you to sustain yourself in the same room with your friend.

If you can’t be friends it doesn’t mean you have to hate them or misbehave with them. Do respect each other and set healthy boundaries and be nice to each other.

To be the best roommate as well as a human being you need to be respectful and kind.

Have a rule book

When two unknown people reside together it is important to have a rule book to live peacefully.

This rule book should include the following

  • The roommates should have demarcated areas. The bed, cupboard, and other belongings shouldn’t be altered without permission.
  • They should respect each other’s boundaries
  • They shouldn’t fight about petty issues. Instead, find a solution and come to a middle ground.
  • Try to not invade personal boundaries. To discuss the healthy boundaries
  • Make a common spare time to chat with each other.
  • Don’t do anything that disturbs the other.
  • You should not comment on each other’s choices unnecessarily.


The definition of cleanliness is different for each individual. For some cleanliness is an obsession and for some, it is the least important.

Some cannot function without being in a clean space. While some love to stay in a mess.

So, make sure you have a settlement with your roommate about your requirements. If you stay crystal clear with your roommate then it will be feasible for you to have clarity and a healthy boundary.

It may happen that your partner is not like you but you just need to respect each other. You may not be like your partner but you can find a middle ground with him or her.

Guest rule

Yes! We know when we are studying or working outside our hometown, we cannot always visit our friends and relatives. They often come to visit us.

 But it may disturb your roommate’s sanity and routine. So, make sure you inform her prior and don’t disrupt her routine.

When you reside with someone things have to be adjusted for the benefit of the two or more. Unless there will be tiffs.

When we share our rooms with anyone, we don’t want disputes with them. This will only meddle with your sanity. So, ensure peace with your roommate to ensure sanity of mind.

Communicate with your roommate

To communicate with your roommate whether or not you have a good relationship with him or her. The length can differ but the communication should be in check.

You can discuss each other’s interests. Try to learn to understand his or her perspective to understand the roommate.

It may happen that your roommate doesn’t like to switch on a light while sleeping. So, make sure you manage with minimum light on your very corner.

Nobody needs to sacrifice anything but adjust surely. Do exchange necessary information to stay updated. Communication is the best way to have a healthy relationship with your roommate.

Help the roommate

If you are not close with your roommate don’t hate her or him as well. Even if they are rude you don’t lose your values being rude. Are you a medical student or preparing to join a USMLE Step 1 review course? You need to help the roommate.

Do avoid them as much as possible, but when they are sick do help them with what they need. There is a difference between being kind and being a fool.

Listen to your roommate when they are upset or low. Listening alone can make a significant difference. When you help a person in need you are not a fool you are a kind person.

Spend time

Spend time with your roommate to develop a strong bond. You can watch movies or series while enjoying your favorite meal. You can exercise or even have a walk together.

Do treat your roommate sometimes to make them feel special. Both of you stay away from your families so being with each other will help you both.


The quality of your character determines the quality of your relationships. When you know how to respect anyone, you can deal with new roommates in a different place too.

The course of time will tell you how to be the best roommate. There is no particular definition of being the best roommate but it is the relationships you make for your sanity. This relationship can turn into the best one you ever experienced.

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