7 Ways on How to opt for Best Label Printers for your Company


While deciding to produce labels for your company, it is important to ensure that you use a label maker that offers high quality and professional designs as the packaging of your product will create the first impression for your business. Therefore, you shouldn’t invest in low-quality label makers in order to save costs as the customers might find the labels unkempt and hard to read.

Hence, the best way to create a lasting impression on your customers is to buy branded label printers online. However, finding the best label printers for your company can be quite challenging as every company has a different set of printing requirements and issues like the costs involved, customization and how efficiently will the printer work.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with several useful tips to follow before selecting the right label printer for your business.


  1. Consider the cost per label: lack of control by the companies on their label printing operations can add up to their expenses and raise the cost per label. You must invest in a cost-effective printer in order to save costs from your company’s budget.
  • How does a printer become cost-effective? : Company owners at times believe that a cost-effective label printer has to be cheap which is not at all true. Instead, cost-effective label makers are the ones that offer low cost per label due to their high quality.
  • What is the cost per label? A low cost per label means that the price of the printer’s ink multiplied by the estimated monthly volume of labels is less. The estimated low amount of cost per label would be quite beneficial in cutting the company’s expenses even if the label maker purchased is expensive.


  1. Printer compatibility is the key: highly compatible printers ensure that the printer can efficiently work with various printing accessories without facing any problems with the installation.
  • Therefore, there are so many printing accessories available such as Bottle Label Applicator, Label Roll Unwinders, and Label Roll Rewinders that can make efficient labels so, the companies must analyze which set of printers and accessories would lead to a more efficient and productive work atmosphere.
  1. Printing resolution is highly important: The sharpness of a print depends heavily upon DPI (Dots Per Inch) as the higher the DPI, the sharper the text.
  • Address and product labels can have a 203dpi printer as the appearance and presentation is not that important.
  • Opt for a 300dpi in cases where there are small texts and appearance matters.
  • Labels with barcodes need to have a 600dpi printer.
  • Choose a label maker with a high print resolution of 360dpi in areas where there are complex graphics, logos, and tiny QR codes.


  1. Check for user-friendliness: you must take your employee’s consideration into mind while choosing a label maker for your business. There are various high technology printers available that can act as a plus point for your business, however, you must see if the workers can easily access and use it or not.

The workers might end up making mistakes if they are not trained or have the required expertise to use an advanced technology printing machine.

The more amount of mistakes that they will make while figuring out how to use a printer, the more they will cause internal damage to the equipment.

So, the companies must hunt for a label maker that is user-friendly not only for its customers but for its employees too.


  1. Consider whether the label printer is durable or not: opt for a label maker that is highly durable and water-resistant. For eg- A desktop printer works efficiently if you have a clean working environment having low print volumes, whereas, a plastic-cased industrial printer would be the best option if you need to acquire a huge sum of labels on a regular basis.


  1. Long-term needs and maintenance cost: buy a printer that is easy to use and maintain rather than a printer that might fit your budget today but make it even more expensive for you tomorrow by creating long-term costs for replacing cartridges, regular maintenance, and staff training.


  1. Printer size: You can choose from a wide range of portable, desktop or industrial printers.
  • Portable label printers: they are quite handy as they can be carried over the shoulders or clipped to a belt. They are the best to use when you have to print on a field, standing right next to where the labels are used. These are direct thermal printers so they are not suitable for high temperatures.
  • Desktop printers: they involve less cost and can be easily used. They are less durable as they are made of plastic and require regular refilling with labels and thermal ribbons. However, this is not the case with an industrial printer. They are best to use in cases where limited space is available.
  • Industrial printers: these are more expensive and require greater space however, they are more durable and don’t require regular refiling for printing.


Therefore, there are many things that are to be taken into consideration before purchasing a label maker as they can either make or break your company’s image. Hence, we at Dal offer an extensive and exclusive range of label printers that will suit all types of label requirements of your business.




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