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8 Living Room Styles Using a Corner Open fireplace To Inspire An individual


When making your living room, on the phone to always choose all the details of the layout. Typically the location of everlasting elements like surfaces, windows, and pre-installed shelves will likely be out of your control–unless you are custom-building a new home or performing an extreme remodel.


Your open fireplace is 1 of the elements you will possibly not get to place where exactly you want, but that doesn’t imply weight loss makes it work for your family’s needs.

Coming from collected images and floor plans of 8 living rooms with corner fireplaces. Read to help you arrange your current lounge room or to help you decide where to place your fireplace if you are developing a new one.

  1. A Various Angle

This fireplace sits in the corner on a diagonal wall. Instead of trying to navigate the whole room in that position, this lounge room builds the seating arrangement around the entertainment center. This particular layout allows the whole family to gather to watch a movie, while still leaving adequate room in front of the fireplace to relish the warmth and view of a cozy fire. Plus when you’d like a seat nearer to the fireplace, an ottoman offers the perfect spot.

2 . Forward Focus

Even though this fireplace rests in a part, this layout handles to be able to the residing room’s focus. The simple but large sectional couch covers nearly all of the area and ensures a seat for everyone in your home and that everyone can enjoy an evening in front of the fire.

The large window and minimum decor help to give this room a bright, open up look. Choosing light tones for all your wood in the room, such as the fireplace, helps give rise to that light, airy feeling.

  1. Focal point

Although built into a corner of a wall, this fireplace technically sits in the center of the room. This specific clever placement allows the fireplace to be enjoyed from two sides.

Typically the sectional couch properly fits the room using one side to provide cozy fireside seating. The room next to the patio doors is the perfect location for a little table and chair or a reading nook. Nevertheless, you choose to attire this room, the fireside can be appreciated from any angle. And the bold color makes it a true statement piece.

  1. Cozy Connection

This specific layout gives everyone the best couch at home. No difference where you take a seat, you can enjoy everything this community hall room has to offer–the television set fixed, the fireplace, and the stunning home window view–all at once. And through the holidays, it even provides the perfect location for a beautifully decorated Holiday tree. Cozy winter nights are confirmed in this traditional living room.

  1. Side By Part

The position of the fireplace doesn’t leave much room for curling up in front of it. But by inserting the couch next to it, you’ll still be able to feel its warmness. Though this fireplace is tucked to the side, designing the mantle with plants and other special touches helps keep it a focal point in the room instead of a halt.

  1. Double Function

This corner fireplace can be seen from two edges, so it only makes sense to frame it with a two-sided sofa. When you wish to increase the seating options without cluttering your lounge room with a lot of extra furniture, choose for a sectional couch. The size of this sectional is the ideal fit for the room and the perfect placement for showcasing the fireplace.

  1. Merge

No issue with its placement, you might not want your fireplace to be the focal point of the room. Well, consider artwork the same color as the walls, therefore it mixes into the lay room rather than standing out. Plus for the days you need to cuddle in front of the fireside instead of forgetting it there, opt for easily moveable furniture. Notice the tires on this unique couch. An option like this allows the whole area to remain flexible and easily rearranged on a moment’s notice to use however you want.

  1. Stand Out

This particular lounge room opts for the reverse design aesthetic. Artwork the fireside a color that clashes with them will guarantee it stands apart. For rooms that feature both a fire and a TV, inserting them right next to the other person offers a key focal point for the room and enables you to give them both the full attention you want whenever you need it.

In summary

A fireplace, even when it’s built into a part, is often the key aspect in a living room. How you choose to set up your furniture around it will determine how your room looks and just how you can use it. Hopefully, these 8 ideas have inspired you to find the perfect layout for your lounge room with a corner open fireplace.


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