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A Complete Guide About Concrete Lifting & Leveling


Are you looking for a place where you can find all information concerning concrete lifting & leveling? You are at the right place. All structures have a specific lifetime, and after that, they start deteriorating. In addition, some environmental factors cause untimely cracks and patches to your driveways, sideways, pool decks, porches, etc.


To overcome all these problems, you need complete research and planning. For instance, we provide comprehensive information to assist you with concrete lifting and leveling.


What is concrete Lifting & Leveling?


Concrete lifting is a process that is used to raise the concrete slab and level it out. A polyurethane foam material is injected beneath the slab to fill voids.


Whereas concrete leveling follows the same process, one step added is- leveling the surface with the concrete mixture once lifting is done. Concrete leveling helps by bringing the level back to its original height.


Concrete Lifting and Leveling: How it Works?


As a customer, you must be aware of the process of lifting and leveling concrete, and thus you can examine the work of contractors. Here are steps on how your concrete failure in sideways, driveway, pool decks, and porches are fixed:


  • Drill- The professional drill ⅜ inches holes in the damaged area from the level of the concrete slab in a specific pattern.


  • Inject– With equipment, polyurethane foam is injected into the holes. The high-density foam expands underneath the concrete slab and raises the concrete slab to its original position.


  • Patch– Finally, the concrete lifting and leveling of the slab are completed. In addition, polyurethane foam also fills cracks and waterproofs the damaged spot.


Note: You might be thinking about how easy the procedure is, right? But, completing this procedure requires accuracy; therefore, you need a professional to do this task.


How to find the best professional for Concrete Lifting in Macon?


Concrete lifting in Macon, GA, is carried out by professionals with immense exposure to the field. If you are looking to find the best professional to repair or suggestion on your construction, follow the tips:


  • Recommendation


The easiest way to find a concrete leveling professional is to ask for recommendations from your friends and families. These problems are pervasive in Georgia, and you find one who has recently completed their repair.


  • Online Research


If you want concrete lifting in Macon, GA, go for online research. Check out some of the top-ranking listings for concrete lifting in your area. No matter how big or small a crack you notice at your home, workplace, or even in the basement, you can quickly get concrete leveling professionals nearby in Georgia at an affordable price.


  • Read customer reviews


After researching and making recommendations, you have a list of companies or contractors that provide concrete lifting in Macon, GA; check out their testimonials on their website or from their previous clients.


  • Ask a questions


Once you have finalized your professionals, ask the following questions to get a clear idea about their service and behaviors:


  • Does your company have the appropriate licensing and insurance?
  • What concrete industry certifications do you have?
  • How soon can you schedule my project?
  • Will you provide a written estimate?
  • What are the stages in the process from start to end?
  • How long do you take to finish this project?
  • How long does concrete take to cure?


Note: Once you go through this process, you can find your reliable concrete leveling contractors in Macon.


What are the benefits of Concrete Leveling Lifting?


As of now, you are aware concrete is a robust material but still can have cracks over time. However, you can restore the look of your concrete surfaces through leveling. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of concrete leveling and lifting:


Improves curb appeal


Visible cracks to sideways, pool deck, and driveway are unappealing. In such cases, you can remove cracks using concrete leveling. This process can give your slab a new and improved look.


It lasts for many years.


When done correctly, lifting & leveling can increase your concrete’s lifespan. Polyurethane foam can keep the slab in place for many years.


Cause minimum damage


Getting your concrete repaired on time can prevent severe damage, thus saving a lot of time & money.


The Bottom Line


Avoid stubbing toes and tripping on your sideways; get professional help to finish your concrete lifting in Macon, Ga. Concrete needs maintenance; thus, you can also schedule a regular check-up for any mishap.

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