A detailed explanation of How Much Does it take to Repair a Dent in the car


A person living in the US may face frequent car dents because of many reasons- hailstorms, accidents, inappropriate parking, or inadequate car pull. Although you may escape accidents and other incidents, you can’t escape hailstorms. An estimate from the national oceanic atmosphere administration, hailstorms cause damage of $1 billion annually. A hailstorm is a potential reason for your car damage, and you can estimate the annual cost. 

It is impossible to escape dents and dings, so it is not wise to leave this issue. Instead of wasting time, you can resolve the issue by finding the best car dent repair mobile service in Nassau. 

The dent in your car could be of two types- only dent and dent with exterior coating peeling off. The cost of repair in both cases may vary because not every time your car goes through conventional treatment. Explore more about it. 

What type of treatment does your car need?

Scratches and dents are inevitable, but not every time you have to spend a hefty amount on the repair. For small to medium size dents, you can approach a paintless dent repair service in queens. Paintless dent repair service is also valuable for large dents if the paint is intact. However, when the paint peels off and the car’s panel needs to be replaced, paintless dent repair doesn’t work. 

The estimation of repair cost is possible in both cases once you know what elements to judge. Here is the list- 

  1. Dent’s location

The inspection of the car is essential, especially the location of the dent. If the dent is located at the edge of the panel, the cost of its repair will increase. The dent located in sensitive areas of the car requires more attention and skill; hence the cost may increase.

  • Depth of dent

A significant accident leaves deep dents in the car; it may happen due to a massive collision. Such cases add cost to repair work. In many cases, the condition of the car’s panel is worse and needs to be changed. 

  • Number of dents

The repair cost also depends on the number of dents. The cost will automatically increase if the number of dents is higher. 

  • Location of dent repair service

It is not surprising that the location of dent repair services matters a lot. The service cost of repair centers varies based on location. Thus, you can observe a slight increase or decrease in the cost of repair. 

  • Car’s model

The design of every car is different. Some designs require deep inspection and repair work may require more skill. 

  • Methodology

Paintless dent repair cost less than conventional dent repair. As stated earlier, if the paint on the car is intact, a paintless dent repair service could repair your car quickly. 

After an investigation of damage, you can figure out what type of service would fit your car. Paintless dent repair service or with paint. 

The cost involved in paintless dent repair service

If your car gets a minor dent due to a hailstorm or any other reason, you can go to any Paintless dent repair, long island; it will cost less than the traditional dent repair service. 

The technique uses special tools to repair dents, so there is no need for repainting, sanding, and bonding. It is an eco-friendly and quick method to treat minor dents.  

The cost involved in dent repair with paint

Dent repair with paint is the traditional method of dent repair. It involves old ways of sanding, repairing, and painting. The expert will fill the panel with putty and repaint the affected areas so that the cost may go up. 


Other factors may also influence the repair cost, for instance, how old the dent is.

A proper assessment of the damage is essential before opting for any service paint or paintless. You can approach an expert for the cost estimation as most consultations are free.

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