A Guide To Cannabis Indica


One of the most interesting aspects of the cannabis plant is the fact that various strains appear to have varied effects. The same person may smoke two different strains and have two very different experiences. Every cannabis strain has its own distinctive features, and no two are similar. Depending on how the best tomb raider strain indica online is cultivated and treated, even the same strain might have somewhat varied cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Several cannabis lovers, on the other hand, don’t want to dive too far into the technical weeds. As a result, it’s become popular to divide cannabis into three major categories:

  • Indica Strains
  • Sativa Strains
  • Hybrid Strains

What Are Indica Cannabis Strains?

The two main forms of cannabis are indica and sativa strains, each reflecting one end of the spectrum. A hybrid strain is one that falls in between an indica and a sativa. Sativa strains are mostly associated with cerebral, active effects, sometimes known as a “head high.” Indica strains, on the other hand, are commonly linked with heavy, calming, and soothing effects that may be described as a “body high.”

Indica plants often grow shorter and bushier than sativas, which grow tall and thin. Indica strains’ leaves are typically often shorter and broader. This visual distinction is how we came to differentiate between indica and sativa strains in the first place.

What is the History of Indica Strains?

Cannabis indica strains have most likely been around for thousands of years, although the term appears to have arisen in the late 1700s. A French naturalist called Jean-Baptiste Lamarck came to India and discovered that the cannabis plants growing there were not the same as what he was used to seeing in Europe. Cannabis plants in Europe were more akin to what we may call hemp now.

The European cannabis plants had little or no THC, suggesting that they were not psychoactive. Instead, the plant material was turned into textiles. People in Europe were not interested in smoking cannabis plants, which makes sense given that their plants did not have significant THC levels in the first place.

Cannabis plants, on the other hand, were known to produce psychoactive, intoxicating, and euphoric effects in India.

Lamarck wanted to distinguish these plants from the cannabis plants his countrymen used to manufacture sails for their ships since they were frequently consumed for pleasure. He called this new strain of intoxicating Indian cannabis cannabis indica, whereas the non-psychoactive version was known as cannabis sativa in Europe.

Keep in mind that the non-psychoactive cannabis that Lamarck would have labeled sativa is not the same as what we call sativa today. The non-psychoactive types are known as hemp, while cannabis sativa is now used to describe to high-THC strains known for making energetic head highs. Cannabis indica is still recognized for producing calming body highs, and some people consider it to be the sort of marijuana that makes you tired.

What are the effects of Indica Strains?

When discussing the possible effects of cannabis, it’s crucial to remember that everyone’s experience with cannabis is unique. Two people can sit down, consume the same quantity of marijuana, and feel radically different. Your own body chemistry, as well as a variety of other variables, will ultimately influence how you feel. Nonetheless, we you buy tomb raider strain indica, the effects of different strains of cannabis based on how most people describe feeling.

The most common effect associated with indica strains is a powerful body high. This can emerge as a sensation known as “couch lock,” which is exactly what it sounds like: the sense of being stuck to your seat. People who experience couch lock may feel stuck to the couch because they’re so relaxed and sedated, or it could be because they feel too high and dizzy to move with any degree of confidence.

Most people report that they enjoy this feeling, but it might be overwhelming if you smoke too much and aren’t used to it. The common effects of indica strains may also be undesirable at certain times, such as in the middle of the day when you still have things to accomplish. For that reason, most people say they buy tomb raider strain indica for nightly smoking when they want to relax, unwind, and start to bring the day to a close. Some people might choose indicas when they want to eat a big snack and fall asleep.

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