A Guide to the procedures/processes/precautions for buying and selling second-hand car online

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The depreciation of buying a new car is staggering, and the minimum cost is one hundred and twenty thousand, so many people who love cars will choose to buy second-hand cars. After choosing the car you like, the next step is the real transaction. What are the procedures and procedures for vehicle ownership transfer? What are the precautions for buying and selling used cars? You know everything about MoneyHero this time!

Pick a used car tray

Unless there is a transfer from a familiar friend, the first step in buying a second-hand car is to find a car that suits you. In addition to visiting second-hand car parks/car dealerships in person, you can also use the powerful second-hand car network to slowly choose your favorite car. When choosing a second-hand car plate, you should basically pay attention to the year of manufacture (the age of the car), the number of hands of the car owner (ie, the number of hands-changing), the mileage, the expiration date of the license fee, and whether maintenance is required. Generally speaking, the lower the vehicle age, number of vehicles and mileage, the higher the price of the vehicle. In addition, whether the vehicle needs to undergo an annual inspection to renew the license, and the length of the license fee are also factors that affect the price.

There are two main types of used car inventory on the Internet. One is for sale by dealers; the other is for private sale. It is recommended that prospective buyers with less experience should choose private listings or listings from well-known car dealers/agents because the former has a lower chance of being confused: the latter generally provide maintenance and after-sales service.

The car dealers in Malaysia are both good and bad. Check dealer at which present better service. This is a big platform in Malaysia for buying or selling high-quality used cars. For estimation about this platform check used car naza citra Some dealers will help second-hand cars to “make up” or conceal malfunctions. Some criminals will even lower the mileage (commonly known as dial meters) to create the illusion of a clean car. , Prospective buyers with less experience have the opportunity to be recruited. However, the tricks of bad car brokers are changing day by day. Many brokers will pretend to be private listings. Therefore, prospective buyers should also pay attention to whether there is the same listing or similar listings in the car dealer’s listing when choosing a private car listing. If so, there must be a high chance that the car dealer pretends to be a private listing.

Car inspection and test run

After selecting the car you like online, the next step is to contact the seller to make an appointment and test the car. The so-called car inspection is generally to observe whether the body and paint of the car are damaged and repair-marks, to assess whether the car has had a serious collision (commonly known as a big collision), and to observe the degree of newness and oldness of the inner cage. In addition to watching, it is best to test drive in person. Prospective buyers can politely ask the seller if they can test drive. Generally, sincere sellers should not refuse, but the test drive distance and route should be negotiated with the seller in advance. During the test drive, prospective buyers should pay attention to whether the driving and acceleration are smooth, and whether the vehicle makes noise when driving. If you feel strange during the test drive, there may be problems with important parts such as the engine and gearbox, and you need to check with the seller for further information. If you are in doubt, you should not proceed with the transaction, you can choose another car, and you should not lose money due to eagerness.

If there are no problems with the vehicle inspection and test drive, the price can be negotiated with the buyer. Generally, private sellers are willing to accept a small bargaining price. Of course, some friends like to negotiate the price before viewing the car, but it is more sincere to watch the car first and then negotiate the price.

When the price is agreed upon, you can check with the seller on the next day. After the car is inspected and before the car inspection, whether it is necessary to place an order or pay the “Sincere Money” depends on the negotiation between the buyer and the seller. It is recommended that prospective buyers should not pay a large deposit before the detailed inspection of the vehicle. Otherwise, there will be problems with the vehicle in the future and the seller may not be happy to unsubscribe in full if the transaction is not completed.

Vehicle inspection

Regardless of whether the price of the car you want to buy is high or low, it is recommended to conduct an inspection (except for the transfer of trusted relatives and friends) to ensure that the car is free of “hidden diseases” and driving safety. Find it out during the test drive. At present, there are two main ways to inspect vehicles: one is to find independent and professional vehicle inspection companies to conduct detailed inspections. The more well-known vehicle inspection companies include Malaysia Vehicle Inspection and International Professional Vehicle Inspection Center. After completing the inspection, the master of the car inspection company will provide a written report and provide a neutral opinion to the prospective buyer. 

After the vehicle is inspected, the instructor will generally provide advice to the prospective buyer. The most basic thing is to confirm whether the vehicle has been in a major collision or which parts have been repaired. If the master clearly stated that the car had been involved in a serious accident that affected the safety of the car, the prospective buyer should suspend the transaction. Even if the vehicle does not have safety or mechanical problems, the master may point out that some worn-out items need to be replaced, such as tires, Brake pads (brake pads), batteries, etc. There are many parts that need to be replaced. Prospective buyers can evaluate the price of the car and the cost of replacement parts to see if they need to negotiate further with the seller.

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car insurance

The new owner must purchase auto insurance for the vehicle before formalizing the transfer procedures. Automobile insurance is a legal requirement, and the minimum requirement is to purchase automobile third-party insurance (commonly known as three guarantees). At present, many insurance companies provide online car insurance quotations and insurance services. Prospective cars mainly ask the seller for a copy of the vehicle license plate, so that they can enter vehicle information online and obtain a quotation to purchase car insurance. After the insurance is insured, the insurance company will issue a temporary insurance policy (Cover Note) to the prospective buyer.

Vehicle transfer

Both the buyer and seller of the vehicle need to complete and sign the vehicle transfer notice (except for taxis) (TD25) within 72 hours of the vehicle changing hands, and both parties shall go to the Licensing Office of the Government Transport Department in-person to complete the formalities. Please note that the 4 Licensing Offices are only open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday (open during lunch hours); they are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Documents required for vehicle transfer

1) Original license plate (vehicle registration document)

2) Original ID/Passports of the old and new owners

3) The temporary auto insurance policy purchased by new car owners

4) Proof of the new owner’s address (issued within the last 3 months)

Buying and selling payment method

this question also rises in many brains that after transfer procedure when we have to pay the price of the car. The answer to this question is that when the process of transfer is complete, then the owner of the vehicle and buyer goes to the bank for transfer of payments. if the buyer does not agree after the inspection and checking of the car then the process of buying the car ended at the spot. but if after inspection the buyer agrees with the conditions and inspection of the car then he makes an agreement with the seller for the payments process. 

Credit card tunnel toll discount

If you buy a car, you have to pay it off, and you must pay it off when you buy a car. Pay more attention to expenses such as renting a parking lot, filling in gas, and tunnel tolls! There are credit cards on the market that offer driving discounts, such as “Auto toll” automatic value-added services, administrative fee rebates, and even toll rebates. Motorists can pay attention! gopostbox

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