Advanced Diagnostic Center ISO 9001: 2015″ is one the leading Medical Diagnostic Centers in Islamabad with the highest credibility, excellence, and technological assistance in medical services. We are the leader of international standards in the field of patient care. We have been able to set up a group of experts who are devoted to their work. They specialize in various fields of medical science and have made their career in the fields related to Diagnostic Centers. They are specialized in microbiology, cardiology, ENT, Pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, surgery, pathology, and laboratory analysis.

“Muhammad Yousaf Butt” is a renowned doctor, medical specialist, administrator, and general surgeon. He received his degree in Islamic medical sciences from King Abdul Aziz University College, Hyderabad. He has worked as a consultant for a leading hospital in Pakistan and as an administrator and medical specialist at a leading hospital in India.

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Mughal Hospital, Faisalabad “Doctor of Plastic Surgery” is a famous medical center located in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It is part of the International Cancer Control and Prevention Program. The hospital is fully equipped with the latest and modern equipment. The “Medical University Hospital Faisalabad” is the only fully-commissioned Islamic hospital in Pakistan. It is accredited by “OIEB” and ” CIRA”.

“Dental Clinic Islamabad”, “PPTDC – Punjab Dental Clinic” and “PPTDC – PPTDC Eye Hospital”. These dental clinics are all located in the “All India Institute of Dermatology”. They provide all advanced medical facilities and services to patients suffering from various types of dental diseases. Each of these clinics is fully equipped with an X-Ray machine, MRI machine, CT scanner, and other essential equipment.

To cater to the needs of most types of patients, these dental clinics have well-developed departments. The diagnostic center has twenty-three experts who specialize in different types of diseases. These specialists have forty-two technicians who are qualified and certified. All these professionals work together to provide the best dental care possible to their patients. The “PPTDC – PPTDC Eye Hospital” has twenty-three doctors and technicians who are specialized in different types of eye problems. They offer complete care to patients suffering from various types of eye disease.

Apart from the dental clinic, there is another very famous medical complex located in Islamabad. This medical complex is “Alliance Health Islamabad”. It is the only fully functioning skin clinic in Pakistan. This center is managed by “Alliance Health”. The Alliance Health staff uses only the latest equipment and tools in order to provide high-quality medical services to its patients. This medical complex also has an X-Ray machine, CAT Scans, MRI machine, and all other required modern medical facilities for the treatment.

The other famous medical complex in Islamabad is located in the “Dental Clinics Islamabad”. It has twenty-two specialists who are qualified and certified. All these staffs work together to provide comfort to their patient. A large number of patients can be seen here as the center is fully loaded with all modern equipment. The “Alliance Health Clinics Lahore” and “PPTDC Islamabad Dental Clinic” are the most famous clinics in this city.

This article has brought about the establishment of these clinics at different places in Islamabad. There are still some other centers that are yet to be opened. These clinics are mainly for providing all kinds of advanced medical services to all types of patients. The main goal of these clinics is to serve and meet all the requirements of every patient. Patients who have any kind of chronic illness can surely be treated through the services provided by these medical centers.

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