Advantage and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country that resides in Central Asia and is the ninth-largest nation on the globe. It is an ideal destination for studying MD, which is equivalent to MBBS as the country offers the top Medical colleges that cater to both international and national students. The Fee Structure of MBBS in Kazakhstan provides diverse cultures and high-quality education with outstanding opportunities for students enrolled. You can easily acquire a medicinal degree in Kazakhstan for an incredibly affordable price. 

Advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

  1. MD in Kazakhstan can be the most significant relief for Indians who fail to find a reliable university in India because of difficult entrance examinations. Education is the highest quality you can see globally, and Kazakhstan is prominent because of it. The education is priced relatively considering the qualification of professors, and thousands of students worldwide come here to achieve a lasting degree to practice medicinal practices. It is not very laid-back for students to bear high donation fees to some colleges that charge crores to only take the student in. So MBBS in Kazakhstan seems like a much wiser decision. 
  2. Indian students can be directly admitted to their choice of medicinal university in Kazakhstan, and there is no additional requirement for any entrance examinations. You may have to take language aptitude tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Still, English is usually the primary medium of instruction in University campuses to avoid any barriers of language one may encounter.
  3. The universities come fully equipped with the best equipment that the modern world can produce and reliable infrastructure to facilitate students who aspire to become good doctors. The hostel quality and food quality are aimed to please students who come to study from different corners of the world. The education system here, combined with medical universities, attracts international students in large numbers every year. The students from such universities find global opportunities depending on their choice of operation. 
  4. The best universities in Kazakhstan that teach MBBS or MD offer various options for clinical and surgical practice at prominent hospitals. MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students will ensure that the students try making a good exposure to real practical experiences before they head out to do the same as a profession. The staff and faculty who will guide you will have sufficient experience and come from various affiliated hospitals. 
  5. Most universities in Kazakhstan are approved by the Medical Council of India and enlisted with WDOMS. They allow Indian students opportunities to appear in Foreign Medical Graduate Examinations and MCI screenings when they finish their degree. 

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Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

  1. The environment of Kazakhstan is not very similar to India, and students will have to go through a significant adjustment to adapt to their locality. The land consists of very different environments, cultures, languages, and rules, and one may feel homesick. This situation is incredibly standard, and one always feels this when shifting to a new culture and can also make one less outgoing and introverted. 
  2. Due to the stuffing of students in just a handful of universities teaching medical, it may feel a little crowded at the end. This crowded nature may not bother Indians who already have a habit of living in a country full of people, but it is still significant. Students can also lose attention while studying if they feel their classroom has too many students, but teachers always make sure they encourage individuality before anything else. 
  3. Communication is a problem for students who live and study in Kazakhstan, especially outside the college grounds. You have to learn a little bit of the Kazakh language to overcome the barrier, even if the professors and peers use English to communicate information. This issue plagues the majority of the international students, especially freshmen who have not been there for an extended period. 
  4. The selection of reliable consultancy on an excellent university is essential as cheating exists in the university world on a global scale. So, agents from local universities that charge very high prices in exchange for low-quality studies can be an issue for every student. Sometimes students can get entrapped with fake agents because of budget issues, fee structure problems, and other issues. So do not sacrifice the life of your student in exchange for false promises. 

In conclusion

Colleges in Kazakhstan are much more accepting and skillful in comparison to many Indian colleges. And although there can be some price differences, it does not come down to meritocracy to define who gets the education and who does not. The medical education system to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan operates without any entrance examinations and offers qualified professors who have decades of experience with teaching students. But, you must research the college you choose and keep your mind off just empty promises. 

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