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Advantages of Energy Saving Light Bulbs for Your Home

Advantages of Energy Saving Light Bulbs for Your Home 1

We always want what’s best for our home but budget constraints often force us to settle for less. But when it comes to energy-saving light bulbs, they are not just the best lighting option for your space but also an economical choice. And that’s why you will see how every modern home is leaving behind these traditional lighting options and are moving towards more modern and efficient energy-saving light bulbs. To help you make this switch, from our licensed electricians in Dandenong we have brought for you several advantages of energy-saving light bulbs for your home.

Know what these advantages are and make an informed choice.


1.  Helps cut down on your electricity bills

Did you know that lighting contributes to over 15% of our energy consumption? Therefore, cutting down on this front would help you go a long way in cutting down on your electricity bills. And energy-saving bulbs are proven to consume 90% less energy as compared to your conventional bulbs. So, if you switch to energy-saving bulbs, you can bring down the energy consumption of your space to a significant extent and that would mean you spend less on your electricity bills. Also, energy-efficient bulbs allow you to improve your building’s energy grade and that would make you eligible for several rebate programs.


While switching to energy-efficient lighting may seem like an expensive option in the short run, in the long run, you would be saving a lot of money because of this switch. So, switch to energy-efficient lighting and pave the way for an energy-efficient home.

2.  They are a durable option

An energy-saving light bulb is said to have an average lifespan of 6,000-15,000 hours and on the other hand in the case of traditional light bulbs, this number comes down to 1000 hours.


  1. Not only do they have a longer lifespan but are also more resistant to harsh weather conditions as compared to traditional lighting options.
  2. This said durability can also be credited to the heat diffusers and drivers that an LED bulb consists of.
  3. Their durability also makes them an environment-friendly option. The longer the lifespan, the less these lamps, and fixtures would end up as waste that negatively impacts the environment.


It’s because of these reasons that energy-efficient bulbs have become a preferred choice for us. They don’t just benefit us by helping us save money but also the environment by reducing waste generation and also by reducing the emissions of harmful gasses.

3.  Involves safe and convenient installation

Earlier many people refrained from switching to energy-efficient bulbs because they were not compatible with the existing electrical systems. So, installing them meant having to change the corresponding system too. But to overcome this roadblock, a lot of compatible versions of LED bulbs were created that work well with your traditional sockets. So, now you can engage in installing normal LED bulbs even without seeking expert help.


As to safety, LED lights don’t emit a lot of heat and are not warm to touch. Unlike your regular bulbs that worked at high temperatures. Therefore, handling them with bare hands leads to accidental burns but in the case of energy-efficient bulbs, there is no such problem.

4.  They offer a lot of variety

Lights don’t just brighten up but also beautify your space. And that’s exactly why we have different expectations with the kind of lighting that you adorn your spaces with. And to satisfy these diverse needs and requirements, energy-efficient bulbs come in a lot of varieties including:


  1. Halogen bulbs
  2. Compact fluorescent (CFL)
  3. Light-emitting diode (LED)


And all these energy-efficient bulbs together offer different lighting options. And each of these lights then again comes in different styles. For instance, when it comes to LEDs, you can pick from downlight, candlelight, spotlight, tube lights, and from them you can choose the one that goes with the vibe of your space. Also, they offer dimming options for lighting fit for every mood.

5.  Offer better light quality

When it comes to light quality, energy-saving bulbs are far better than their predecessors. Not only do these lights come with dimming options where you can adjust the brightness of the light as per your choice but the overall lighting that they provide is of better quality. For instance, LED lights are proven to have a better Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and therefore are better in terms of their ability to reveal the actual colours of things than lighting them all up in a yellowish hue. So, with energy-efficient lights, brighten up your spaces in a light that lets all the diverse colours within your home stand out beautifully.



So, bring all these advantages to your home by switching to energy-efficient lighting. So, if you are convinced that they are the right pick for your home, get in touch with our experts at Direct Point Electrical and we will ensure that this switch happens in the most efficient and convenient way possible.



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