Advantages of Self-service ATMs and smart, safe cash management


As technology advances in banking, we have seen the design of self-service teller machines that offer convenient banking for customers. ATMs have evolved from equipment that dispenses cash but machines that provide a wide range of self-service such as bills payment, loan or credit card payments, multi-denomination dispensing, and more.

Self Service teller machines allow for automated routine transactions such as balance checks, account transfers. With self-servicing ATMs machine, the physical presence in banking halls is reduced, thus giving room for staff to focus on another aspect of their jobs. Aside from self-service ATMs, smart, safe cash management has provided unique banking solutions for customers.

We shall discuss some of the advantages of having self-service teller machines and operating a smart, safe cash management system. We offer the best solution for your ATM cash management. We also help to optimize the performance of self-service teller machines to meet the needs of your customers.

Advantages of self-service teller and ATMs machines

With self-service teller machines, you may be able to carry out the following functions:

  • Open or withdraw from a fixed deposit account

With self-service ATMs, your customers can open or withdraw from a fixed deposit account, thus freeing your staff to attend to other aspects of their jobs.

  • Recharge mobile

With a self-service teller machine, your customers can recharge their mobile phones with ease.

  • Pay Insurance premium and tax.

Payment of insurance premiums has been integrated into many self-service teller machines for fast and easy premium payment. These automated teller machines can also be used in paying taxes.

  • Make a cash deposit and transfer cash.

There are self-service and smart teller machines that allow customers to make deposits with ease. They can also perform the function of cash transfer.

  • Personal loan application

Self-service ATMs can be used to apply for personal loans without the need to visit the bank physically.

Why choose our smart safe cash management

Our smart, safe cash management solution is every business owner’s best friend. We combine cash tracking and monitoring software with our advanced cash protection system to offer you guaranteed security and account transparency at all times. With our smart safe, authorized individuals can deposit or remove the money without opening the safe.

We provide different authorization levels and offer optimal recording, counting, and auditing of each transaction. Cash withdrawal and deposit are can only be made by authorized individuals with a unique PIN that you assign to them. You will have complete details of who, where, and when every dollar is deposited or withdrawn from your smart safe.

Here are some of the advantages of our smart safe cash management

  • No room for counting errors

Counting errors pose a challenge for most management teams and accountants. Employees may be tired due to long shifts, and the repetitive task of counting drawers may cause employees to make mistakes during counting. Mangers when counting may be interrupted occasionally to attend to critical situations.

Counting errors may lead to loss and may require additional time to track down every penny. It may even cause suspicion among team members, which is unhealthy for a business trying to save money. Our smart, safe cash management is designed with high-end cash tracking software that helps to eliminate counting errors.

  • Time-saving

Whatever type of business you run, counting your drawers may be time-consuming and challenging. Often, the job is left to a senior account officer or the business owner, which means the individual would be unavailable to tend to the business needs.

With a smart safe, you can save time and avoid long counting, recording, and reconciling accounts. Time spent on measuring or counting drawers can be used to attend to customers because our smart safe cash management does the accounting and safe cash keeping for you.

  • Avoid cash theft

According to the certified fraud examiners Association, about 5% of total business earnings are lost annually to employee fraud. Imagine what 5% of your last year’s earnings will add to the growth of your business this year. Our smart safe offers maximum protection for your funds and makes it impossible for any unauthorized person to access your account.

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