Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, and also the most populous city of the state. In the last few years, people have been careless about their health due to which the cases of sterility have increased.

Now there is a better opportunity for IVF treatment in Jaipur! where all the modern techniques and qualified IVF specialists are available, giving international level IVF treatment at a low cost.

In order to reduce the cost of IVF in Jaipur, the infertility centers of the city take reasonable steps from time to time.

Mishka IVF is the best IVF center in Jaipur, situated in the city center. This IVF center has all the treatment options for infertility, including IVF. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari the renowned IVF expert operates the IVF center as an independent reproductive unit of Bhandari Hospital.

The cost of IVF in Jaipur depends on many factors as it is a comprehensive treatment procedure, so before arriving at its cost, have a look at the procedure.

IVF Treatment Process

IVF Treatment process | Low IVF cost in Jaipur at Mishka IVF

Mainly IVF is performed in five stages, from the suggestion of drugs for sperm and egg production to the process of fertilization of eggs in the lab. Mishka IVF maintains its transparency by making the patient witness each step.

Step 1: To make the IVF process successful, many fertile eggs are needed, which are then fertilized in the lab. That is why in the first phase, doctors prescribe medicine to produce fertile eggs. The patient may have to go through several rounds of ultrasound and blood tests to know the current time of ovulation.

Step 2: The doctor surgically removes a lot of eggs from the vagina with the help of a hollow needle.

Step 3: High-quality eggs are selected from the removed eggs and mixed with sperm, and left for fertilization in the lab. During this process, the doctor continues to keep an eye on fertilizing embryos.

Step 4: In the fourth stage, doctors study the process of embryo formation and ensure its health. If there is some deficiency in the fetus, they leave it for a while.

Step 5: The last stage ensures the success of IVF. At this stage, when the embryo is completely ready, the doctor places it in the womb.

Knowing the treatment process makes it easier for you to estimate its impact and cost. But it is very important to know what kind of factors can fluctuate its cost.

Factors Affect Cost of IVF in Jaipur

The IVF cost in Jaipur for a patient may be much or less due to the following reasons.

  • Height and weight of patients
  • Reasons of infertility
  • Reputation of IVF center in Jaipur
  • Prior medical histories of patients like abortion and pregnancy
  • Age of patients and partner

Thus the above conditions affect the cost and success rate of IVF. Mishka IVF makes the diagnosis process for couples easy and affordable.

The table below compares IVF costs in Jaipur across major cities in India.

CityIndian RupeeUSD
Bangalore1,40,000 to 2,50,0001840 to 3286
Chennai1,45,000 to 3,00,0001910 to 3953
Delhi1,10,000 to 2,50,0001448 to 3286
Hyderabad1,60,000 to 2,80,0002107 to 3687
Kolkata1,00,000 to 2,20,0001317 to 2898
Mumbai1,60,000 to 3,50,0002107 to 4610
Pune1,35,000 to 3,00,0001778 to 3953
Jaipur100,000 to 1,20,0001317 to 1640

IVF Cost Comparision between Indian cities

Mishka IVF low-cost Infertility Treatment in Jaipur

Mishka IVF, Jaipur- the best hospital for low cost IVF treatments

Mishka IVF has brought smiles to the many infertile couple’s faces, and you will feel comfortable and blissful here during the treatment. The IVF Center is taking continuous steps to make its process completely transparent. Although an IVF treatment is more expensive, it is chosen only because of its success rate. Since the cost of IVF treatment increases every year, Mishka IVF is working towards keeping the IVF prices stable. The center has appointed a cost auditor who checks all the expenses of the hospital and hands over the details of additional expenses to the founder at the end of the month so that she can rein in them.

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Of course, IVF is much effective than other options, it fulfills many wombs every year. Mishka IVF compassionately helps you build a family, and the center also provides surgical or non-surgical treatment of cosmetic gynecology. For a woman who wants to regain the beauty of her body after pregnancy, the center has many more options with Laser Vulvar Whitening, Vaginal Tightening, and Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.

So you can visit Mishka for fertility or aesthetic treatments.

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