All About Kimonos The Brief History


At the point when conventional design wires with contemporary style, lovely things can occur. At Contrado, we love making energizing apparel, which motivates our clients. One of our #1 piece is the kimono. This versatile and lovely piece has been planned in-house. It consolidates impacts from the exemplary kimono coat, and blends them in with the adaptability and straightforwardness of a lightweight concealment. 

What is a kimono? 

It may very well be one of the world’s most notable bits of design. However, what is a kimono? The exemplary kimono coat is a conventional Japanese piece of clothing. At the point when deciphered, the word kimono signifies; “something to wear.” These full-length robes are right away conspicuous, because of their exceptional cut, lovely plans, and dazzling tones. This started to change as suits, dresses, and other normal western styles advanced into the country. 

Kimonos can go from being really brilliant and elaborate, to generally plain and inconspicuous. There are various styles of kimono for different events and seasons. Albeit more uncommon nowadays, customary kimonos are still broadly worn on unique events, like weddings. 

Portions of a kimono 

There are a few pieces of a kimono, which is a demonstration of how brilliantly built they are: 

We needed to take motivation from this lovely, and conventional piece, and recast it, with the goal that you can fuse it into your ordinary closet. Actually, like a pullover or a standard coat, the kimono can be spruced up, or dressed down. On account of its adaptability, it tends to be worn in an assortment of ways. It is not difficult to wear and can in a flash glitz up a generally straightforward outfit. 

Nonetheless, with a little inventiveness, and some layering, there is no motivation behind why you can’t wear a kimono in the colder months. 

1. Keep it relaxed 

A kimono can add a snappy, boho energy to your outfit. The larger than average and floaty plan can add an entirely different component to your look, with barely any work. Keep the remainder of your look very basic, to allow your kimono to do the entirety of the talking. We love matching it with some charming shorts and a straightforward shirt, when the climate is sufficiently warm, or sweetheart style pants, when you need to conceal a bit more. A couple of level tennis shoes will polish the look off flawlessly. 

2. Dress it up 

In case you are going to a unique night out, be it supper, a wedding, or a glitz party, then, at that point a modified kimono is the ideal method to investigate boring to fab! Impartial shadings work best, if your kimono joins a ton of shading and plan. Keep it unfastened, to underline the delightful wrap of the robe. Keep the remainder of the look unpretentious; some lovely heels, a basic grasp sack and an assertion neckband is everything necessary to make this look work. 

3. Sweet dreams 

Make your sleep time routine surprisingly better, by joining a kimono into your night wear. What is a kimono? It tends to be a piece of underwear just as a garment. Or on the other hand, to flavor things up a little, slip it on over a smooth nightie. Tie your robe freely around your abdomen, to add a charming touch, and remember your rest mask, to guarantee a tranquil night’s rest… 

4. Rock chick 

A few kimonos can look very female, yet an approach to edge them out a little, is to make a stone chick enlivened outfit. This look is extraordinary in case you are taken off to a show, a bar, or essentially anyplace truly! Allow your kimono to accomplish basically everything by joining it with basic isolates. Slip on a couple of executioner heels, and explanation extras, like a printed grasp and a stylish neckband. Intense lips complete the look, just as a diva’s disposition. 

5. Make a sprinkle 

Kimonos truly are flexible. Assuming you need to add some cover by the pool; to add a little style to your bathing suit, to help your certainty, or to offer your skin a reprieve from the sun, then, at that point take a stab at layering a kimono over the top. More contemporary than a sarong, and more in vogue than a kaftan, a kimono will give your bathing suit additional style cred. For frills, think larger than usual straw cap, a couple of open toe shoes, and some charming shades.

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