All you need to know about Dog Ear Fencing


There are different kinds of fencing and you can decide to build anyone you prefer around your house. Although it’s your choice, there are things you ought to consider before picking a particular style. Would the fence be efficient for a house such as yours? Would it complement your house or make it look awkward? In this article, we will talk about a specific type of fencing – Dog ear fencing.

Dog ear fencing is simply a type of fence with fence panels shaped at its upper edges to look like the ears of the common golden retriever. It can be built with spaces in between the panels for lesser privacy or with no space at all for more privacy. But why exactly would anyone want a dog ear fencing around their houses? Continue reading as we explain everything you need to know about it.

Types of Wood used for Dog ear Fencing

1. Cedar

Cedar is not only strong but also insect-resistant which makes it suitable for making dog-eared Cedar fence panels. Also, cedar wood doesn’t shrink, swell, warp or decay which makes it a sustainable form of wood even in the face of the elements. Want to build some dog-eared fence slats? Try cedarwood.

2. Redwood

Being one of the strongest gifts of nature, it is no surprise that redwood can resist warping as well as splitting. Also, it possesses natural tannnins which makes it suitable for outdoor use like in dog-eared fence slats. Among woodworkers and furniture makers, redwood is a first choice woopd as it can be easily worked on.

3. Pine

Pine wood is known for its high workability. It can be sawed, drilled and manipulated to any shape you prefer. Also, the pine wood is strong and durable to an extent which makes it suitable for outdoor use. However, the pine wood requires a good deal of maintenance for it to last long as dog-eared fence slats.

Advantages of Dog-eared Fencing

1. It is cheap

Compared to other types of fencing, dog-eared fencing is quite the cheap option. Although the prices of dog ear fence panels for sale tend to vary depending on the kind of materials used, it still allows you to work within your budget. Also, dog-eared fence panels can be installed easily by anyone so you either go for the DIY option or employ the services of a professional woodworker.

2. It is less Affected by Strong Winds

Due to their shaped upper edges, dog-eared cedar fence panels allow strong winds to pass through them easily. Without these spaces between their edges, the fence panels would stand as a strong opposing force to the wind, and in such cases,strong winds won’t hesitate to pull them down.

3. It Can be Easily Installed

Dog-eared fence panels can be installed easily without too much stress. Whether you are going for the DIY option or employing a professional woodworker, it is good to know installing dog-eared fence panels won’t take too much of your time or energy. When you buy Dog Ear Fence Panels for Sale, you could simply put them directly in a hole in the ground or a hole already filled with gravel.

4. It Encourages Minimalistic Design

if you prefer the minimalistic design, the dog-eared type of fencing fits perfectly into the description. It is simple, beautiful and easily designed to taste. Most importantly, its beauty is deeply linked to its simplicity which is a perfect definition of a good minimalistic design.

5. It is Easily Maintained

In terms of maintenance, dog-eared fencing can be easily maintained without you spending much. After installation, wait for the wood to get dried and apply a high-quality sealant to further protect it from the elements. Also, you can choose to polish it from time to time, to further enhance its appearance.


A fence around the house is built for two reasons; to keep your wards from straying and to make your house more presentable. A Dog eared fencing fits into this very description and is a perfect fit for any house. Apart from being cheap, it can also be easily installed and maintained.

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