All You Need to Know About Suits


Suits have become one of the important parts of men’s fashion today. We seldom cease to see a man or two in suits on most of our days. Many people around the world wear the suit due to its versatile nature. It can be seen in business centers, churches, on the streets, and so on.

Over the years, the suit has become a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Now it seems a man’s wardrobe is not complete without one. You should also have one in yours if you don’t already. Have you ever wondered how the suit came to mean so much in men’s fashion today? You are sure to find your answers in the next section of this post.

History of Suits 

The history of suits can be traced back to the 17th century. In those times, suits were made of brightly colored fabric and were elaborately crafted. After the French revolution, these types of suits were no longer in demand. The kind of suits seen recently are products of later times.

In the 19th century, modern lounge suits, whose origins can be traced to the 17th century, appeared in the market and took over. The British super Beau Brummell re-established and popularized the styles used in the British court. This led to the adoption of suits by most men in Europe who wore them with knotted neck scarves as opposed to today’s neckties. The suit gained more fame with time, and most British colony countries adopted it too. Now, the suit is worn all over the world. You could search for custom suit makers near me on the internet and find one easily. However, the suit is not worn for only formal occasions as it was before; it is now worn for informal and semiformal occasions too.

Types of suits in fashion today 

Nowadays, different kinds of suits styles have been invented by brands and tailors worldwide. Some of the popular ones are;

  • Blazers

The blazer came into fashion in the 1900s. Made with solid colored fabrics and naval-style metal buttons, the blazer came into the market and never left. You can wear the blazer outdoors with a shirt and tie, or you could wear it with just a t-shirt depending on your preference. Speaking about trousers, you can wear the blazer on a wide range of trousers and even on jeans. This versatility makes the blazer one of the most desirable suits out there. If you are looking to use one for your wedding, you can search for a custom wedding suit specialist near me on the internet to have one made for you.

  • Tuxedos

The tuxedo, also called the dinner jacket or tux for short is worn for formal ceremonies. The satin present on its lapel and buttons distinguishes it from other types of suits. You can wear the tux with a shirt, not with a t-shirt and any tie you prefer. Usually, it’s always the bow tie one sees around. It is mostly worn in ceremonies like the Phillymag weddings in Philadelphia. To have one made for you, you can search for custom suits makers near me on the internet.

  • Black lounge suit 

The black lounge suit is distinguished by a conventional length lounge jacket which might be double or single-breasted. Also known by some people as the stroller suit or Stresemann, the black lounge suit can be described as a classic semiformal suit.

You can wear one of these with any tie you prefer. If you are wearing this for a ceremony like the Phillymag weddings in Philadelphia, I hope you are a guest and not the groom.

  • Pinstripe suit 

The pinstripe suit is made with striped fabrics. Most times, the stripes are thin and could be of any color. You could wear one of these with striped trousers or solid color trousers depending on your preference. If it’s your wedding and you are looking to get one of these, you can search for a custom wedding suit specialist near me on the internet


This article has covered most of the things you need to know about suits. If you’d like to have one, you could check out a ready-made one in a suits shop or have one made for you at a tailor’s shop. The suit is always a great addition to any wardrobe.

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