Amazon Analytics Tools And Why They Are Important?

Amazon analytics tools

Amazon is one of the greatest e-commerce sites in the world. It creates a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as for marketers and sellers. In fact, about 40% of all sales on the internet are through Amazon.

If you have been using Amazon for a while, then you should be aware of the importance of Amazon analytics tools. This is particularly important if you are holding inventory inside this platform because you need to have a clear insight into how your products are performing. You will also get a fair idea about the type of customers that buy from you and where they come from.

What You Need To Determine Before Finding An Amazon Analytics Tool

1. Cost 

You don’t necessarily want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a tool. You should be able to find something that fits your budget.

 2. Availability 

When it comes to availability, you want your software to be available on your desktop or computer as well as from your phone or tablet. 

3. Report Keywords 

The keywords you use in your reports should be important keywords that get you traffic from your target customers, not random ones that get you no real traffic at all. You will want to avoid using the same keyword too many times because the search engines can penalize you for it.

Why is Amazon Analytics Tools Important?

One thing Amazon is unforgiving about is the accuracy of your sales data. If you’re not getting it from

Why is Amazon Analytics Tools Important?

 Amazon directly, you can’t be sure it’s 100% accurate. If you’re selling on multiple marketplaces or even in multiple countries on, keeping track of where your customers are coming from can be a mess. What if someone buys something with their Amazon account on your site and then returns to Amazon to leave a product review? How do you know how to attribute that sale? 

Many tools on the market today will allow you to access your seller central account through an API or export your seller central sales data into a spreadsheet. Many of them will also allow you to import your Google Analytics data and connect the two so that tracking can be done in one place instead of two.

But what if you want more than that? How about if you want your customers to see where they came from when they purchased something from your store? Suppose you’d like your customers to go back to your site if they want to purchase something else without re-entering their credit card information. And hopefully increasing their cart size and you are not aware of any tools that will do this out of the box, 

One way to simplify things a little would be to start using Amazon analytics tools. There are several Amazon analytics tools that can help you with this. Here is a list of some of the most important ones:

Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tool

Amazon PPC advertising tool will help boost sales with keywords and product listings while providing information on what works best on this platform. A key performance indicator (KPI) will show how effective certain keywords are in driving traffic to your site or boosting conversion rates. 

Seller Central

This tool is available to everyone who has a seller account on Amazon. It allows you to track your daily sales and determine which product is most successful among all products that you sell on Amazon. However, there are some restrictions when using Seller Central.

For example, you cannot see detailed information about your competitors or their customers. But this tool can be very helpful if you want to track your own business’s performance and see how your sales are going each day.

One thing that may be helpful with this tool would be to use it on a computer or phone that has not been used before so that you can get an accurate picture of your daily sales without any previous data skewing your

There are more tools than this that track Amazon’s metrics. But this seems to be the best for beginners and small businesses.


This is a social media tool that allows you to monitor your products, including the Amazon brand Analytics and competitors. It also provides useful tips to rank higher on Amazon.

The tool includes various features, like link tracking, keyword tracking, competitor tracking. It helps you to boost your sales and traffic by giving you a detailed report every week with actionable recommendations. 

Amazon Seller Analytics

This one is among the most powerful tools on the market. It was created specifically for sellers to help them understand their business better and make more informed decisions regarding inventory management, pricing strategy, advertising, etc.

It does not just provide you with standard reports from Amazon but also gives you insights into your listing optimization and profitability ratios which is not available anywhere else. 

Chitika Insights

This is a simple yet effective tool for sellers looking to grow their business by understanding how their products are performing on Amazon search results pages through keyword analysis and tracking of competitor ads. It tells you how well keywords are converting into sales for each of your listings.

Finally, Although Amazon is a great place to sell products, it is also extremely important to know how your business is doing. This will allow you to take steps towards improving your business and increasing your sales. You can only achieve this if you use the best Amazon analytics tools.