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Ambedkar Painting- Capture the Real Beauty & Revolutionary Spirit of Ambedkar!


We all are surrounded by paintings. Every day, we may see different paintings, postures, pictures, and murals in our life. By seeing these awesome wall arts, we feel so happy and stress-free. That is why; the paintings are popular in the entire world. Everyone wants to décor a house, office, and other favorite places with paintings. 

Do you feel difficulty in choosing the best wall painting? Well, you are not alone because thousands of people are in the queue! It is a big problem to choose the best and suitable art for the house. Also, the tastes and choices of every person are different. In today’s era, most people are paying attention to the painting of B.R Ambedkar. Let’s find out several important facts about it!

Who Was B.R Ambedkar?

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was an Indian economist, politician, jurist, and social reformer. Usually, he was also known as “Babasaheb” and played an important role in the freedom struggle of India. Here are some interesting facts about B.R Ambedkar:

  • He was the leader of Dalits (Scheduled castes).
  • He was the law minister of the government of India.
  • In freedom fights, he plays an important role to overcome the trap of the British.
  • B.R Ambedkar was the only person who wrote the constitution of India.
  • He also fights against social discrimination with the Dalits (untouchables).

Why Go with Ambedkar Painting?

It will be a proud thing to hang Ambedkar painting at home/office. Today, people are going towards the latest art, styles, nature, religion, etc themes. But, don’t forget the importance of our leaders who help us to be free from the British. In this regard, the painting of Ambedkar is an awesome art at home for decoration because:

  • Brings peace & happiness: – These wall arts are the perfect symbol of peace, happiness, and joy. B.R Ambedkar was the founder of the constitution of India and he made us happy at that time. In this way, you can also feel happiness and joy in your life.
  • Create Patriotic Atmosphere: – By hanging the Ambedkar painting, you can make a patriotic environment at your home/office. These paintings at home can give an admirable look to your walls.  
  • Helps to Remember Leaders: – While looking towards these paintings, you can also remember the leaders who make our India free from the British. 
  • Spread Love: – You will feel lots of love and respect towards India through the Ambedkar painting. Ambedkar was the perfect symbol of love, peace, joy, and prosperity.

Which Types of Ambedkar Paintings are Available for Decoration?

For your home/office, Ambedkar painting is available in different forms and styles. You can decide your favorite Ambedkar painting for the premises of your home and office. Here are the different kinds of wall arts available:

  • Ambedkar DIY painting
  • Ambedkar panel painting
  • Ambedkar abstract painting
  • Ambedkar acrylic painting
  • Ambedkar canvas painting
  • Big Ambedkar painting
  • Ambedkar oil painting
  • Ambedkar handcrafted painting

Select a Best & Graceful Ambedkar Painting for Home/Office!

Everyone wants to choose the suitable and best Ambedkar wall painting for the household. In this manner, you should keep your mind open while choosing a painting for decoration. We are going to reveal some essential steps that can help you to choose the best wall art:

  • Be clear on the Location: – Location is an important thing while choosing the best wall painting for the home. Firstly, decide where you want to hang the painting (i.e., home, office, etc). At home, bedroom, living room, dining room, corridor, balcony, etc are the best places. At the workplace, reception is a profitable place to see the actual beauty.
  • Choose theme mindfully: – Theme of the Ambedkar painting is available in various designs. So, you have to choose a theme mindfully for your home. However, most people choose the patriotic theme for household and office.
  • Make a wise decision on colors: – Color of the Ambedkar painting is also important to choose mindfully. You may get red, black, white, tricolor, blue, etc colors for the painting of Ambedkar.
  • Go with perfect design: – Ambedkar painting should be of perfect design like abstract, canvas, DIY, panel, etc.

Where to Buy Online Ambedkar Painting?

If you are looking for attractive designs of Ambedkar painting then an online facility is available for you. At DecoreMantra, you can buy online Ambedkar painting at your doorstep. Also, you can avail yourself of exciting offers on the official website of DecoreMantra (www.decoremantra.com). By filling necessary forms on the website, you can easily get the product within 7 to 10 working days.


Ambedkar paintings are famous and trending in the market. You can also bring peace, happiness, and joy with the patriotic theme of the Ambedkar painting. DecoreMantra is a huge platform for several types of decorative items. You can choose amazing wall art for your household and office. 

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