Bikes are among the most astutely arranged and planned vehicles for day-by-day travel. A motorcycle is liked by numerous in light of the fact that it is appropriate for day-by-day commuting and unleashing your inner adventurous self. However, most importantly, it is by and large more efficient than four-wheelers. 

Bajaj, India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer and one of the most well-known global names in the industry, has indeed delivered a bike that exceeds our expectations. Bajaj CT 110 is a sturdy and upgraded version of CT 100, featuring “Best and Trendy characteristics.” 

It is an extreme model that outperforms this load of necessities and is also a mileage champion. It’s no surprise that more customers are lined up to have their grips on this design. If you are not sure about its hype, let’s glance at the highlights of Bajaj CT 110, one of the best mileage bikes in India. 


The bike boasts some fantastic and jaw-dropping aesthetic and performance attributes that make the two-wheeler appealing to purchase. The characteristics that highlight the details of the bike are mentioned as: 

  1. They are provided with LED lights that run during the daytime and are trendy and beautiful. 
  2. Possess partially knobby tires to avoid sliding and establish a solid and tight hold on the most difficult routes.
  3. Rubber pads on the tank combine comfort and style that help you feel at ease while getting ready for the day.
  4. Bajaj CT 110 is provided with a sturdy DTSL Engine that makes it one of the best mileage bikes in India.
  5. The slam plate keeps the insides of your bicycle from impacts and makes it more strong. 
  6. Thickly padded rexine seats are a definitive “must-have” for unpleasant driving and terrible streets.; presently, you can ride in solace. 
  7. Security starts things out, and consequently, more impressive are these Crash Guards that are bigger and more grounded. 


Bajaj CT 110 has a 4-stroke engine with a single cylinder. Along with an electronic injection fuel system of 115.45 cc engine capacity, the top speed (90km/hr) and engine power are 6.33 kW @ 70000 rpm, which is quite impressive. 

The bore of the bike is 50 mm, and stroke is 58.8 mm with a lower cradle framed single down cylindrical tube. The fuel tank capacity of this model is 10.5 L and possesses a DC system and 12V, 35/35W, HS1 headlamp specs. Moreover, the ground clearance offered by Bajaj CT 110 is 170 mm. 


Be it for daily up and down between your home and workplace or for a long ride off-road; Bajaj CT 110 is the best option. With a strong engine, cutting-edge design, and dependable performance, you’re ready to go on the amazing experiences that await you!

If you plan to buy a Bajaj CT 110 and are facing a financial crunch, visit Bajaj Auto Finance’s website. They provide you with the best financial plans that will help you buy your dream bike at a reasonable interest rate with better benefits. 

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