Hydraulic filters help remove contaminants from your hydraulic fluid when flowing through the system. Many of these particles are very small so it is not visible to the naked eye. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t bring havoc on your hydraulic system, as well as your last motor drive. At Talk Talk’s blog shop, our focus will review the basics of hydraulic filters.

The purpose of the hydraulic filters
As the name implies, the filter can “filter out” certain types of contamination. They basically cleanse hydraulic fluid when they flow through them. If a component in the hydraulic system suffers from disaster failure, it will usually introduce contamination into the system. Filters help keep the contamination quite localized to one area.

Hydraulic filter type
In the hydraulic system, there is a pressure filter, which is located on a pressure line (as is between the pump and hydraulic motorbike), and a low pressure filter (aka, return line). In addition to the basic classification, there are several different types of hydraulic filters.

Screen filter
The screen filter is what name is called: a screen made of tight woven cable. Weaving on this cable creates the size of the specified pore. The size of the pores controls the size of the particle which can be captured by the filter. An example of a screen filter will be a suction filter on the reservoir pump outlet. The composition of suction has a relatively coarse mesh designed to filter a more rough contaminant.

Inline cartridge filters and spin-on filters
Inline cartridge filters and spin-on filters have filtering cartridges that can be replaced when clogged. Spin-on filters are usually found on low pressure returns while inline cartridge filters can be found both on pressure and return paths. This may be the most common type of filter found on a concise and heavy tool.

Filter bag.
With a bag filter, hydraulic liquid is forced through a cloth bag. Solid contaminants, such as rust, dirt, metal particles, etc., are trapped in the bag. This is usually limited to applications involving large volumes of fluid and are not commonly found in heavy equipment.

Filter house
Most of these filters are contained in plastic, steel or aluminum homes. The type of housing mainly depends on the level of pressure involved. That’s why you will see a plastic or aluminum house for filters on a low pressure return path.

Hydraulic filters are an important part of your hydraulic system. That’s why we encourage you to check and change it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. We also want to encourage you to invest in quality filters for your machine.

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