Beginner Friendly Poses of Yoga For Stress Relief

yoga for stress relief

Stress burns a lot of your precious energy. Further, it leaves you drained and exhausted. Hence, it becomes important to flush out stress from your life so that you enjoy peaceful and healthy living. When everything else fails, yoga practice serves the best to relieve stress from your life. Hence, whenever you feel stressed, you should simply practice yoga for stress relief.

With that said, check out the following poses of yoga for stress relief that you can inculcate in your routine to live a happy and happening life. Make sure you read till the very end.

Simple Poses of Yoga For Stress Relief

Child’s Pose

Calming your mind and relaxing your senses should be your priority to get rid of stress. If that is your goal, Child’s pose is a perfect pose for you. It stretches your spine that releases all the tension stored in your body. Moreover, the forward-bending motion helps in relaxing your mind to the greatest degree.

Standing Forward Bend

Do you feel your body is fatigued? If so, it could lead to physical stress. In that case, you should practice the Standing Forward Bend pose. Bending forward while keeping your arms hanging loose releases stress from your upper body. Moreover, it stretches your hamstrings that helps in loosening up your lower body.

Camel Pose

Are you bending forward too much? Well, that is going to put a tremendous amount of stress on your spine and neck muscles. Therefore, it could lead to the contraction of your chest, stomach, quads, and shoulder muscles. Thus, you should practice the Camel pose that opens the front muscles in your body. Moreover, it releases stress from your back muscles. Hence, it is one of the best poses of yoga for stress relief.

Cobra Pose

From stretching your stomach and chest to strengthening your arms, the Cobra pose has a long history of being the best stress reliever. It also contracts the lower spinal joints that face the maximum toll of stress. Therefore, you should regularly practice the Cobra pose in case your upper body is stiff and you want to enjoy the free movement of your body. Moreover, it is a perfect pose to relieve tension in your lower back.

Legs Up The Wall

Releasing stress from legs could be a tiresome task as all the yoga poses include balancing your body on your legs. However, practicing Legs Up The Wall helps in relaxing your legs and enhances the flow of blood in them. Moreover, it removes various toxins that get accumulated over time due to walking or standing for hours.

Cat-Cow Stretch

The spine is always under tension either because of too much contraction or bending. In that case, it leads to weakness of various points in your spine that might induce pain in your body. Therefore, it becomes utterly important to stretch your body with the practice of Cat-Cow stretch. It contracts and relaxes your spine muscles that improve its flexibility and agility.

Happy Baby Pose

When it comes to stretching your inner thighs along with relieving tension from your legs and back, nothing comes at par with the Happy Baby Pose. Moreover, this pose increases the flow of blood into your groin and reproductive organs. That means it heals various sex-related issues from your body. Further, the regular practice of the Happy Baby pose improves strength and flexibility in your inner thighs that helps in the production of more power in your legs.

Corpse Pose

One of the best and most effective poses of yoga for stress relief is the Corpse pose. It is a passive yoga pose that helps you to get in touch with your body and breath. That further helps you become mindful of your physical dimension. Moreover, with regular practice of the Corpse pose, you get access to the mental dimension of your life.

Wrap Up

The mind plays various games when you are stressed. It makes you lethargic and drains all your energy. Therefore, you should never let stress seep into your body. For that matter, you should include the practice of yoga for stress relief in your routine.

With consistent practice, getting rid of stress is easy. Over time, you learn various techniques to flush out stress from your life without putting in any extra effort and live a happy life.

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