Smoking pipes are one of the classic methods to consume dry herbs. They provide the easiest and hassle-free way of smoking and are available in various designs like steamroller pipes, pickle pipes, bend pipes, and so on. The material used for making these pipe also affect the way it looks or feels. The most common materials include wood, ceramic, brass, and aluminum. While it is incredible to own one, it is also equally tedious to clean it. Don’t worry; this blog will walk you through all the steps to keep your smoking pipe as clean as a whistle. 

Steps to clean your smoking pipe

Before you begin cleaning your pipe, here’s what you will need:

  1. A sealable plastic bag.
  2. Paper clips.
  3. Rubbing alcohol.
  4. Table salt or Epsom salt.
  5. Dish soap.

 Once you have what you need, follow these simple steps, and you will have your pipe as good as new in no time.

STEP 1: Place the pipe in the plastic bag with alcohol

First, shake out any loose bits of flower or herbs from the bowl of your pipe. Then fill your sealable plastic bag with rubbing alcohol (preferably 90% isopropyl). Alcohol breaks down tar or resins and helps to remove stains over time. Make sure your pipe is completely submerged in the fluid.

STEP 2: Add a teaspoon of salt

Add a teaspoon of big grained or coarse salt to the bag. It will help you scrub and reach places where a brush or sponge can’t get. Next, shake the bag with the pipe ensuring to work the salt into the insides of the pipe.

STEP 3: Let the pipe soak

The next step is to let the pipe soak in the bag for about 12 hours which is enough time for alcohol to dissolve most of the resin. 

STEP 4: Shake the bag 

Once the pipe has properly soaked, shake the bag vigorously to remove residual resins. You can add more Salt if needed and before shaking it up again.

STEP 5: Remove the pipe from the pipe and rinse with hot water

After you soaked and shake your pipe until it is visibly clean, remove your pipe and rinse it with hot water and dish soap. At this point, you can use paper clips if you don’t have a pipe cleaner to remove any stubborn resin bits. 

STEP 6: Dry your pipe

Make sure to give your pipe enough time to dry before you use it again. Remember, the more you clean, the easier it will be to maintain your pipe and ensure it lasts for a long time.

Is it bad to smoke out of a dirty pipe?

A study published in 2020 shows that at least 110 known toxins could settle onto the interior surface of the smoking pipe. While it is still unclear how it could affect us, it is still a good idea to remove them to avoid future illnesses or problems. When it comes to experience, smoking out of a dirty pipe can be foul-tasting, unpleasant, and the resin build-up adds a charred flavor to the smoke. It can also reduce their life expectancy over time. 

What is the fastest way to clean a smoking pipe?

The fastest way to clean metal or ceramic pipes is by simply boiling them in hot water. Use tongs to submerge the pipe in the water and remove it on dry paper. Gently shake to remove any loosened resin residuals. However, this method cannot be used for wooden or glass pipes.

How to clean a glass pipe without alcohol?

If you can’t find rubbing alcohol or you don’t want to use it, you can try submerging your glass pipe in one part vinegar and one water mixture. Then, gently scrape off the remaining bits of resin with a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab. 

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