Beginner’s Guide To Yoga Nidra

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The ancient art of yoga includes numerous asanas, Pranayama, and meditation techniques that relax your body and mind. But, have you heard of the technique known as Yoga Nidra? It is a powerful yogic technique that helps you relax the body while keeping the mind awake. For this wonderful yoga technique to work, you should enroll in certified yoga nidra training.

As stated above, yoga nidra is not just slept. It is a state between being awake and asleep. Yoga Nidra helps reset your nervous system. Moreover, yoga nidra also reduces stress and anxiety, two factors that cause insomnia. Under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher, you too can easily get back that lost sleep.

However, you might question –

What Would I Experience During Yoga Nidra?

Yoga experts describe Yoga Nidra as more of an experience rather than a practice. It turns your attention towards the inner world that exists within everyone. With Yogic sleep, your conscious and unconscious aspects come together and you are able to enter a state of bliss and mental awareness.

Moreover, yoga nidra helps you experience the deeper parts of yoga philosophy such as the feeling of being connected with the universe and unlocking your true potential. You become harmonious and regain that lost energy.

In simple terms, yoga nidra is an accessible form of meditation that frees your mind from all the negativity without causing too much physical stress.

However, that is not all! There are some pretty impressive benefits of Yoga Nidra. Want to know? Read on.

5 Major Benefits Of Yoga Nidra

Although Yoga Nidra has been known for its ability to promote a deeper state of relaxation, there is a lot more it does.

  1. Minimizes Stress

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become quite common. Everyone whether it is a working professional or student is facing stress. Yoga Nidra helps you beat stress by stimulating positive hormonal activity in your brain.

  1. Relaxes The Mind

Every day, your mind is riddled with an endless stream of random thoughts and distractions that impact your mental health. Enrolling in a certified Yoga Nidra Training In Rishikesh helps you learn the techniques to get rid of the clutter.

  1. Helps Recover From Trauma

Do you know that yoga nidra is highly beneficial for those looking to recover from trauma? Yes! Yoga Nidra is often advised to those coming back from the war field. It helps them recover from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

  1. Fights Insomnia

Insomnia is a chronic sleep disorder that makes it hard for you to fall asleep or continue sleeping through the night. Luckily, enrolling in yoga nidra training helps destress your mind, fight anxiety, and depression caused due to long-term sleep loss. In other words, it helps you sleep peacefully at night.

  1. Controls Delta And Theta Waves

Yoga Nidra helps you achieve deeper states of relaxation where your brain produces theta and delta waves. Entering this state of deep sleep provides you the much-needed relaxation.

Although Yoga Nidra offers you countless health benefits, beginners often have a few doubts about the practice.

Yoga Nidra FAQs

Is It Normal To Fall Asleep During The Yoga Nidra Session?

Yes! It is completely normal for you to fall asleep during a yoga nidra session. However, if you do fall asleep then do not fight it but go with the flow. Your subconscious is active and listening to the teacher’s voice. Moreover, the yoga teacher would bring you back with either a gentle touch or by taking their voice a little louder.

Are Yoga Nidra And Hypnotism The Same?

In Yoga Nidra, you are pulling back from the senses and it is why many yoga practitioners confuse it with hypnotism. However, they are not the same and are two very different methods. During a yoga nidra session, your brain is totally active, whereas hypnotism puts you in deep sleep.

Have you heard about the stages of Yoga Nidra? Read further to know what these are.

Different Stages Of Yoga Nidra

Given below are the basic stages of yoga nidra.

1) Preparation

2) Intention

3) Rotation Of Consciousness

4) Breath Awareness

5) Experiencing Opposite Feelings and Emotions

6) Visualization

7) Intention

8) Waking Up

There it is! Beginner’s guide to yoga nidra and the numerous benefits this yogic technique offers.


Yoga Nidra is a wonderful and ancient yogic technique that helps you sleep peacefully at night. However, there is a lot more that Yoga Nidra does. You should enroll in certified yoga nidra training to learn everything about yogic sleep.

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