Benefits of Using a Paint Additive for Smells


There are several benefits of using a toxic odor-eliminating paint additive to safeguard your home. Unlike regular paint additives, paint additives designed explicitly for odor elimination are not limited to safeguarding your home’s paint and improving its durability. 

Applying a mixture of these paint additives to your walls will not only help eliminate odors but also avoid respiratory issues, allergies, and other health issues caused by prolonged exposure to odor.  

These additives interact with warm air that passes through the room to eliminate offensive baring molecules from your home’s interiors. Paint additives are almost essential if you have pets or someone in the house who smokes regularly.

Elimination of Indoor Odor Issues

The odors of pet urine and cigarette smoke could linger for long hours in your home. Nobody likes these unpleasant odors, and their presence in your home could even make the property uninhabitable. Invest in high-quality paint for a smoker’s house if someone smokes or has a smoker at home. 

Even if you make it a point to only smoke at the balcony or yard, the odor-causing molecules could enter your home and make your house smell bad. Paint additives use the advanced Air-ReNu technology to work and use air circulation within the room to treat and purify your air. 

The air ionization process attracts and eliminates dust particles that carry odors and VOCs present in your indoor environment.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

If you are looking for ways to improve indoor air quality, consider investing in a paint odor eliminator. It removes all harmful molecules from your indoor air and purifies it. Additionally, it also gives you access to pleasant-smelling breathing air. 

Several benefits like improved respiratory health come with improved air quality. Additionally, inhalation of secondary smoke can even cause cancer and other fatal issues. While paint additives cannot eliminate the health risks posed by secondary smoke, they can minimize these issues to a good extend.

Lasts for Years

One of the most significant benefits of using paint additives is that they last for years. In addition to the odor removal benefits they provide, these additives also offer essential protection to your paint. 

Coats of paint odor eliminators can last for up to 12 years. So you do not have to worry about frequent application or painting. However, you must check if the effectiveness and efficacy of the paint additives go down over the years.

Helps Prevent Health Issues

The biggest reason to invest in high-grade Air-RuNu paint additives is that they help eliminate several potential health issues. Inhalation of cigarette smoke odors and pet excreta odors can hurt your health. 

These additives work by attracting and eliminating toxins and odor-bearing molecules in your atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about suffering from nausea, allergies, or respiratory issues from inhalation of these odors. When the additive substance interacts with warm air or experiences the slightest variation in temperature, it releases an electrical charge into the atmosphere. 

This charge attracts positively charged odor-bearing molecules and then oxidizes and destroys them. Paint odor eliminators also help keep your airways and lungs healthy.

Minimal Cost

Electric air purifier installations and maintenance involve a significant amount of money. You will also need to clean the air filter regularly. With paint additives, repair and maintenance costs are non-existent. 

These additives also minimize the load on your existing air purification system (if you have one) and minimize the costs associated with maintaining the same. Since one coat lasts for over a decade, you will not often have to invest in additional painting costs.

Uses Air Temperatures

Paint odor eliminators work with the help of temperature variations. The additive is activated at minor temperature variations and releases an electrical charge into the atmosphere. These charges attract, oxidize and eliminate dust particles and water molecules that contain odor-causing toxins and other harmful elements. 

Before choosing a paint additive for your home, there are several factors to consider. Check if the additive contains rare earth minerals and offers excellent durability for the best results. You can apply these additives yourself by mixing them with good interior paint.

Final Thoughts

Choose a top-rated brand for your paint additive needs and seek professional help for application if necessary. Before choosing a paint additive brand or solution, read extensive reviews and testimonials online.

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