Benefits of virtual events for exhibitors and attendees

Virtual Events are the indispensable lifeblood of event marketers, exhibitors, & business leaders around the world.
They help businesses & brands showcase their products and services to their audience in a virtual format.

Virtual Events help industry leaders & exhibitors talk about their products with their audience even without a shared physical presence.
This ability makes virtual events the topmost choice for event marketers when faced with difficult situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even when the world is locked down, Virtual Events provide businesses with a way to keep the conversations flowing.
This helps them maintain a meaningful relationship with their customers even when they’re unable to physically interact with them.

Virtual Events undoubtedly have multiple benefits, each catering to different individuals.
They help exhibitors put their best foot forward & showcase their products and services to their customers.
While it helps attendees attend any event of their choice with just an internet connection & a smart device.

Below, we discuss some of the most amazing benefits of virtual events for both exhibitors & attendees.

For Exhibitors

As an exhibitor, Virtual Events can surely meet your needs for increased outreach, attendance, & sales leads.

Virtual Events are immensely beneficial for exhibitors, & not in just a one-dimensional way.

They have valuable benefits for exhibitors in terms of sales, audience engagement, outreach, & sheer numbers.

Virtual Event Features for exhibitorsBenefit
Showcase & Demo productsExhibitors can easily utilize the opportunity to modify the virtual event according to their needs. They can include features like enhanced demo capabilities, photos, manuals, videos, & 3D images to their attendees. This increases their outreach, attendee satisfaction, attendee engagement, & sales bound leads. All of this leads them to better outcomes for their virtual events & greater returns on investments.
Event sponsorship & brandingVirtual Events provide you with almost similar sponsorship & branding opportunities as physical events. The only difference is that these opportunities are provided to exhibitors on a digital platform. With the right virtual event platform, exhibitors can easily sponsor & brand a webinar, on-screen signage, registration tools, & virtual networking features.
Virtual NetworkingVirtual Event platforms of today provide a variety of cutting-edge tools & options that facilitate easy & seamless attendee interaction. Think speed dating, exhibitor-attendee interaction, customized meeting scheduling between exhibitor and buyers, virtual happy hours, timed casual attendee-attendee interactions, & a lot more. AI chatbots and a ton of attendee networking features like video-audio conferencing, live chats, & more, help the exhibitors facilitate better & more meaningful interaction between their attendees.
Attendee matchmaking & lead generationGiven that they utilize the right virtual event platform for their virtual events, exhibitors can get access to a wide range of matchmaking & lead generation features. Exhibitors have access to innovative AI-powered features, informative attendee profiles filled with valuable data, & other important features to help them narrow down their buyers even before the actual virtual event. This helps them forge meaningful interactions with their buyers well ahead of the virtual event. Exhibitors have the option to meet with, chat, & share contact information with buyers & their target audience, who might be looking for their products.
Control the Length of EventUnlike physical events, virtual events have increased longevity. They can last for 30 days or longer, giving exhibitors the option to collect sales leads, mine valuable data, drive engagement, & schedule exhibitor-buyer meetings even after the completion of the virtual event.
They also have the option to utilize live recordings & other virtual event content to drive audience engagement & outreach via their social media channels & other marketing platforms in the future.

Virtual Events provide exhibitors with a volley of features & innovative ways to engage their audience and interest them in their products & services.
This allows for greater engagement opportunities, increased lead generation, better sales output, & greater return on investment.

For Attendees

As an attendee, you stand to gain significant mileage from virtual events. Not only is it easier for you to learn something new with each virtual event/webinar/conference, you can also find out your favorite products & services with virtual exhibitions.

You can also find new career opportunities with virtual career fairs, new educational opportunities with virtual education fairs, & new contacts with virtual networking events.

Virtual Events also provide greater value to attendees without wasting their valuable time, money, or energy.
Some of the most important benefits of virtual events for attendees are listed below.

Virtual Event FeaturesBenefits
No limitations on physical boundariesVirtual Events, as they are held virtually on digital event platforms, transcend physical & geographical boundaries. They allow attendees to be a part of events without even having to be there in person. This saves them a lot of time & effort, as they can easily tune into the virtual event of their choice to learn something or be a part of a new experience.
Cost-effectiveNot only are virtual events cost-effective for exhibitors & event organizers to host, but they are also cost-effective for attendees to attend. Unlike physical events, your attendees don’t have to pay for travel, accommodation, or undergo the usual difficulties that come with traveling far & wide for events. Since they don’t have to travel anywhere or worry about food & accommodation, they can attend the virtual event with a relaxed mindset.
Saves attendees a lot of timeVirtual Events, for the aforementioned reasons, also save a lot of time for the attendees. No travel, no registration booth lines, no overtly complicated navigation requirements, & no hustling for choosing the appropriate seating, leave attendees with a lot of time to pursue the actual virtual event. They can roam around the virtual event space, gawk at the virtual venue, explore the various offerings of the virtual event, network with other attendees, & attend sessions of their choice, all at maximum ease & without wasting their valuable time.
Provides increased flexibilityVirtual Events provide the attendees with a higher degree of flexibility to navigate the virtual space easily. They can roam around the virtual venue, network with other attendees, & attend various simultaneous sessions at once.
Unlike physical events, there are no hard-bound rules and in the virtual realm, your attendees can be at two places at the same time, depending on the exact virtual event platform that you’ve used.
Increased networking opportunitiesVirtual Events provide increased opportunities for networking to the attendees. Unlike physical events, where there are designated spaces & lounges for attendees to network & interact with one another, virtual events provide attendees with at-their-fingertips options to connect with other attendees & even exhibitors, at will.
They can utilize virtual networking features like live chat, AI matchmaking, networking tables, chat rooms, live polling, & lots of other options to connect & interact with other attendees present in the virtual event.
All this leads to greater attendee engagement for exhibitors, increased networking options for attendees, & overall greater attendee satisfaction.
Thus in this way, Virtual Events help both exhibitors & attendees get the most out of it!

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