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Even a few years back, everybody would have thought that AI would be just a piece of animated story or fictional artwork. However, businesses today use AI as a powerful tool with the best AI strategy that eliminates the inefficiencies of our daily processes.

The introduction of self-driving vehicles where you witness the cars driving live on roads, without a human presence, the AI playing video games like Super Mario and Doom, the Facial recognition tools, chess-playing computers, Google map assistance to go anywhere in this world.. There is a long list of applications AI has left you to make your life super-easy and hassle-free.

This is why about 52% of people feel confident with sharing their personal information with businesses online due to the assurance of AI strategy in Cybersecurity.

However, the growing concern of businesses is that even though AI jobs are widely in demand, they find it difficult to source a proper AI-skilled workforce to fulfill their requirements. Businesses face AI workforce shortage

Though AI skills and AI-driven processes are highly in demand, organizations anticipate the requirement of training and hiring qualified candidates due to the shortage in the AI workforce.

About 93% of the organizations based in the US and UK want Artificial Intelligence to be the top priority of their businesses. Hence they are keener in developing the AI capabilities in their organizations. More than half of the respondents, about 51%, acknowledge that the AI in-house talent is not enough to get their AI strategies into life.

Even though there are opportunities available, there are no qualified or certified professionals to grab these spaces. As per the reports from Tencent, a Chinese technology company, there are about 300,000 AI professionals globally, however, there exist “millions” of AI roles vacant for the qualified.

Best AI Certifications 2022

Approximately, two-thirds of the businesses now train 67% of their developers to deploy new solutions for AI, additionally they also train their employees to utilize AI in their job areas.

Here are some useful AI certifications you can opt for in 2022 to become the most sought-after AI professional.

  1. IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate

This certification helps you launch a career in AI Engineering, with the best business insights to the utilization of both Deep learning and machine learning techniques. The course covers in detail machine learning, deep learning, algorithms such as clustering, classification, dimension reduction, regression, etc.

With this course, you can learn the basic concepts of supervised & unsupervised learning methods, with the most advanced languages, such as Python. You can also get practice using the programming libraries like ScikitLearn, SciPy, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, etc.

The course is useful to find solutions to industry problems using techniques like computer vision, Natural Language Processing, text analytics, Image & Video Processing, object recognition, etc.

With Apache Spark, you get to learn hands-on assignments and projects and can implement various deep architectures for shining in the career of AI. You receive an IBM badge post the completion of this course and a professional certificate to prove your AI engineering proficiency.

  • MIT-Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy

The MIT Artificial Intelligence program is a dedicated AI program from MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), and MIT Sloan School of Management. The course lets you get equipped with managerial aspects of AI and gives you the confidence to build successful business integration with AI technologies.

With the best combination of technologies, real-life cases, and business insights, the course will help you to make use of the best AI technologies and let you utilize them rightly for your business requirements.

Based on the AI technologies, like Robotics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, the detailed course will let you learn the various technical aspects of business strategy.

The course deeply explains the concept of Artificial intelligence and its role in strengthening the workforce instead of eliminating jobs. The program also focuses on collective intelligence in finding business solutions. You can also get a course completion certificate post-course completion.

  • Artificial Intelligence Certificate Program by Stanford University

This program lets you earn an AI graduation certificate. The program is tailored to suit your career goals and interests. The major benefit is that you can take a program in any quarter for the applicable course, get grades and graduate credit for the offered courses.

This opportunity lets you experience the best courses to create a revolution in the Artificial Intelligence career. The classes in the AI graduate program enable you with prerequisites that lay the foundation for the most modern AI principles.

The classes help you with the probabilistic trends and models, Machine Learning, Logic, models, and knowledge representation in the course. The students are also equipped with in-depth topics in areas like robotics, NLP, and vision.

  • USAII™ Certifications

USAII™ programs are self-paced and are the most powerful AI certifications that empower you with the most demanding skills required for an AI professional.

They provide three certifications – Certified AI Engineer (CAIE), Certified AI Consultant (CAIC) and Certified AI Scientist (CAIS). All three are specific to AI professionals at various career levels (junior, mid and senior level professionals). The certification courses give you the best knowledge about fundamental and advanced AI practices necessary to implement AI technology with excellent business value and functionality.

These AI certifications have future-ready capabilities and build your skills in AI, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Cell types, Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing etc.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python

The AI reinforcement learning certification course by Udemy lets you learn reinforcement learning with technical applications. The course also helps you identify the connection between psychology and reinforcement learning.

With the course, you learn to execute 17 various algorithms for reinforcement learning. You also learn to calculate various relationships, dynamic programming, decision processes, and various deep learning techniques.

The course is beneficial to learn about neural networks, RL algorithms, Q-learning, and all major concepts along with projects to implement stock trading.

Wrap Up

Even though AI has numerous capabilities, there are growing concerns over job displacement, skills shortages, and economic stability. However, it is to be noted that having Artificial intelligence certifications can equip you with all necessary AI skills that are mandatory to be qualified AI professionals and drive change in the organizations. Hence, it is best to choose the ideal AI certifications in 2022 to trigger your AI skills.

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