5 Best Azure Fundamentals Courses to Pass AZ-900 Certification Exam in 2021

5 Best Azure Fundamentals Courses to Pass AZ-900 Certification Exam in 2021

Good day, guys! You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking some decent online courses to assist you in passing the AZ-900 or Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.

You may be aware that cloud computing is becoming increasingly important. Cloud computing and various cloud stages such as GCP, Azure, and AWS should be familiar to specialists and non-specialized IT experts.

Cloud is the most obvious, that you must think about, admire, and master if you want to be successful in a mechanical job.

As a result, certifications appear to be the most effective method for obtaining the talents, information, and recognition that many Cloud callings require.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification is an excellent place to start if you’re new to cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure.

This post will provide the best courses for passing the AZ-900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals) exam.

Here is a list of such courses.

1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep – 2021 Edition (AZ-900)

This Udemy course is one of the best for studying for the AZ-900 exam, commonly known as the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.

This module is well aligned with the AZ-900 syllabus and covers all topics in depth. The most excellent part about this course is that it includes numerous goodies, including recording the course’s audio to listen to while learning. Scott Duffy, the instructor for this course, is plain and brief, making the material simple to grasp.

There are additional assessments to assist you in remembering what you’ve studied, as well as a 50-question practice exam to help you prepare for the final exam.

2. Azure fundamentals by Microsoft (Free)

Microsoft presents a range of free study resources to aid in your Azure certification preparation, and it’s a good idea to master all of the topics for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 test.

This is mainly a word-based paper featuring video clips which are very well, accurate and complete. As a result, if you don’t love reading, it may be beneficial to you. You can also read quicker than you can watch courses and take notes.

They can even enhance your online course study in most cases.

3. Microsoft Azure — Beginner’s Guide + AZ-900 preparation

It is the most acceptable course for learning about Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. It

provides you with all of the information you’ll require to pass the AZ-900 exam.

The program is more hands-on, and the instructor would demonstrate real-world examples on the Microsoft Azure site, while Microsoft Learn educates you through text. If you’re new to both Azure and cloud services, you’ll learn a lot more.

This course offers AZ-900 study guides and tutorials on all of the topics covered on the AZ-900 exam, including Pricing, Billing, Cloud Fundamentals, Core Azure Services, and more.

Following the course, you’ll have access to two AZ-900 sample tests with 74 questions. It would be best to take more mock examinations as they are essential for increasing speed and accuracy.

4. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) — Practice Tests

Practical questions are highly effective for all the students to pass a certification exam and obtain high scores in the vast majority of cases.

Whizlabs is the world’s leading provider of IT certification tests. They generate massive test questions that are equivalent in difficulty and organization to real-life tests.

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals or AZ-900 practice test from Whizlabs is no exception. You will gain access to 275 fresh and challenging questions for practice. They’re broken down into five full-length practice exams.

There are 35 questions left to be answered. I strongly encourage you to purchase this if you want to pass the AZ-900 test the first time.

Assume, however, that you want to take them soon or that you are preparing for several certificates.

Within this case, I recommend obtaining a Whizlabs membership, which provides you unlimited access to all of their sample tests and online training courses, including Kubernetes, Cloud, Jave, Docker, and AWS certifications.

5. AZ-900 Azure Exam Prep: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

You could learn both Azure fundamentals and Cloud Computing in one AZ-900 course on Udemy.

Along with Cloud foundations like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and the differences between Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), you’ll also learn about critical Azure services, including security, networking, storage, and Azure compute.

This course includes five hours of video lectures, many hands-on demos, downloadable infographics, and several quizzes. You will get access to a 50-question to practice test after the term for practice.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to clear the exam if you already have some excellent study material that would provide you with a firm grasp of essential cloud technologies and Azure services like pricing, security, networking, and computing.

I highly urge all IT professionals, including infrastructure engineers, business analysts, programmers, and project managers, to migrate to the cloud since it is vital in today’s environment.

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