Best Backdrop and Lighting Rental in Halifax, NS


Suppose you’re looking forward to shooting a video, a photo, or a high-end cinematic project. Or perhaps you are an event planner that needs equipment renting, desiring to transform your venue into a spectacle.

It’s okay to think about the cost because of your budget. Well, look no further; Maritime Lens and Equipment Rentals is here for you. With our top-notch stage backdrop and lighting rentals in Halifax, you are good to go.

Our superb selection of equipment, great prices, and amazing staff will surely meet your rental needs. Whether you need the equipment for an interview or a studio set up, our wide range of equipment is very much available for the task.

Professional Lighting and Backdrop

Lighting has a way of making a place come alive. A pro lighting creates an ambiance that cannot be achieved with the usual house lighting. The best kind of illumination will get you so sensational and alive.

You are sure to create awesome photographs – saving up your moments for the future. While lighting creates a sensational ambiance, backdrops help soften the interior of a place.

Photography backdrop is a core item for professional photographers. They come in various materials, styles, sizes and can be used on different occasions. In all, an embellished backdrop with the right up lighting adds plenty of warmth and style.

Common Photography Backdrops

  • Seamless Paper
  • Microfiber
  • Vinyl
  • Muslin
  • Canvas
  • Rubber Floor Mats

Your choice of backdrops may depend on the type of event or photos you plan on taking. From holiday themes, abstract textures, to season styles, you can always find a printed backdrop that you prefer.

Printed backdrops will give you incredible creative freedom! They have multiple choices and would be best used for any sessions as per your requirements.

The good thing is that we are here to help you create an amazing event at a pocket-friendly cost.

Best Photography Equipment Rental

Good functional equipment is needed for a great event. Therefore, it is pertinent to your photography equipment rentals prices in Halifax NS from a reputable value rental company.

Top Rental Categories

  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Flash
  • Backdrop
  • Tripod
  • Reflector

Renting a Digital Camera

If you can’t purchase a new camera, you can rent one. It doesn’t make you any less a photographer. Instead, your photography skills are what matters more.

Maritime provides rental photography equipment at affordable rates here in Halifax, which can be used anywhere in and around Halifax, NS. It promises to give you an endlessly creative experience.

Our Equipment Rentals and Pricing

Halifax’s number one rentals for cameras, lenses, and equipment. We carry Nikon and Canon lenses and bodies and all the support equipment you need, including tripods, lights, reflectors, and backdrops.

Here’s what our pricing list entails:

Godox Transmitter Xpro-N            $20

Nikon 200-500 F5.6E VR              $70.95

Cameron cf610 tripod                    $10.95

Sekonic L-308X Flashmate           $15.95

The range of cameras available include;  Sony FS7, Ursa Mini pro 4.6k, Sony A7iii, Red Gemini, Grip.

Flash/Lighting Rental

Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal-Cloud

Pricing: from $15.95

Monday to Thursday Rate /day: CAD$ 15.95

Friday Rate /day: CAD$ 19.94

Weekend Rate /day: CAD$ 19.94

Godox QT600II 2.4G 2 Light Kit

Pricing: from $150.99

Monday to Thursday Rate /day: CAD$ 150.99

Friday Rate /day: CAD$ 188.74

Weekend Rate /day: CAD$ 188.74

Tripods and Backdrops

Cameron cf610 tripod With ball head

Pricing: from $10.95

Monday to Thursday Rate /day: CAD$ 10.95

Friday Rate /day: CAD$ 13.69

Weekend Rate /day: CAD$ 13.69

Cameron 10X20 Muslin High Key White

Pricing: from $15.00

Monday to Thursday Rate /day: CAD$ 15

Friday Rate /day: CAD$ 18.75

Weekend Rate /day: CAD$ 18.75

Cameron Backdrop Support System

Pricing: from $45.95

Monday to Thursday Rate /day: CAD$ 45.95

Friday Rate /day: CAD$ 57.44

Weekend Rate /day: CAD$ 57.44


As they’ll say, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Proper lighting and backdrop are essential for a superb video, photo, and studio creation.  Count on us to aid you in doing it right, anytime, anywhere in Halifax, NS.

Check our variety of listings on our website and make your order. Rest assured, you’d get value for every rental you make.

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