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Up till the modern era, humans have discovered and developed many types and forms of consumable items, ranging from all-natural foods to processed and dried edibles. The type of food consumed in a region is greatly influenced by their technological advancement and acceptance, their climate, traditions and economic growth. The processes used for the manufacturing of these products have been refined over the years to extract as much from their resources as possible.

Many areas among these have been able to grow mild and strong psychedelics, and have even been the primary driving force of their economy over the years. Tobacco has come forward as one of the most widely used drugs out of all of the available smoking alternatives and is available in a variety of forms including cigarettes and cigars etc. It is often mixed with strong psychedelics to control the dosage of the drugs where it acts as a drug diluting substance. This makes the drug highly attractive for a wide variety of people ranging from casual smokers to drug abusers. This property, however, does not make tobacco useless in itself and is often smoked by working- and upper-class individuals.

Tobacco and different cigarette brands:

This class difference is often reflected in the form, purity and price of the tobacco available today. The tobacco used in different cigarette brands has let to a huge price difference per cigarette and is often associated with the affluence of an individual. The price difference often affects the make of the cigarette and the purity of the drug used. The terms “light”, “low” and “mild” had been banned by the US govt. To be used with cigarettes as they may indicate a lower risk in using cigarettes branded as such. Research has shown that frequent use of these cigarettes has not reduced the health risks posed by using these kinds of drugs.

Cigar and Tobacco:

This situation is even direr when it comes to cigars. A cigar can be understood as dried tobacco rolled up using a binder leaf and then wrapped on the outside with a wrapper leaf. The amount of tobacco used in a cigar is many times more than used in a single cigarette. Cigar in itself is actually tobacco rolled in a leaf that is also of tobacco unlike cigarette whose substance is wrapped in any random paper. The use of flavored cigar has relatively raised alarms since the use is more injurious to health.

So here is a list of some of the best cigar lighters in the world.

Xikar Ultra:

A sleek and narrow model slimmer than a credit card which does not only makes its accessible but also portable that it can be adjusted easily in your pocket. With a single flame it does its job proficiently and it comes with a cutter. So it serves two purposes in one gadget. The amazing body and design of the lighter allows the cutter to fit perfectly with the lighter. The magnetic design is sleek. It is among the best lighters in the world and it’s with just one torch flame it can fight the highest wind ion the world and can light your cigar. It is a perfect and deadly combination of intense torch and ultra slim body. You can purchase it from Amazon.

ST Dupont Ligne:

With a life time warranty a well-designed body this lighter embodies luxury you can get this lighter from amazon it has a soft flame. Specifically designed for the cigars it cannot be used for cigarettes or pipes. This is an expensive lighter due to which it also received a huge amount of backlash. Handmade in France later it found it way top china. Where it was acknowledged witch gaining popularity it became one of the best lighter in the world.

ST Dupont Défi Extreme:

A durable lighter that is trustworthy. A perfectly designed body that allows you checks the fuel on regular basis and helps you to keep tabs on when to refill. It has a strong flamed that can beat any wind and can light your cigar easily with no effort. It is long lasting gadget it is customer friendly and is easy to use.


Unlike the other lighter on the list this one has a life expectancy and after one year it expires. It is an outdoor lighter that can carry anywhere. The angular nozzle of it always the flame to stays strong and the can beat off air. It has a jet flame torch that gives it power to light the cigar. Although it has a one year warrantee its special design allows it be durable to its best during it life expectancy.

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