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Technology has been significantly impacting every aspect of our lives. Health and wellbeing are no different, with everyone learning to use online tools and access various resources. The search engine trends show that about 7% of all searches on Google in recent times comprise healthcare-related queries. This trend has only strengthened over the last year, with people relying more and more on online services. An increasing number of people are consulting doctors virtually or looking for solutions to health issues online. At such a time, it is essentially helpful to stay aware of all the available and reliable medical resources for patients. Here are some of the best resources online:

Bajaj Finserv Health

This app from Bajaj Finserv is undoubtedly one of the best medical resources that a patient should be aware of. In addition, this app allows users to access valuable information from the blogs on its health library. However, the most important feature of Bajaj Finserv Health is its provision for online consultation with doctors. Users can Consult Doctor Online from over 20 specialties through chat, call, and video.

The app even supports more than ten languages for online consultations with doctors. Users may also talk to a virtual nurse via this app. With more than fifty thousand doctors available, this app is certainly a great medical resource.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic happens to be a top medical center in the US. Their website is a nice source of information on various diseases, medications, treatments. With more than 3000 researchers, scientists, and doctors supporting these websites with the necessary information, this site is reliable. The symptom checker on this website also helps patients to diagnose their illnesses. In addition, the website offers international services in six different languages.

Smart Patients

This is a great platform for patients, and their families and caregivers can learn valuable information. The platform is home to vibrant online communities where people can connect and learn from each other’s experiences. Originally, this website platform had started as a support community for cancer patients. Over 25 years, it grew much more diverse. It is easy to become a part of this online community and gain access to useful resources.

This website is an online pharmaceutical encyclopedia with plenty of information on various drugs. Patients can use this website to learn how different medicines work. One of the best features of this website is that it offers information on the side effects of various medicines and their potential to react with other drugs. In addition, the ‘pill identifier feature aids users in identifying drugs using their appearances or names in the US.

Cleveland Clinic

This online platform boasts a great user interface and extensive information. Features such as health podcasts, online health chats, video health talks, etc., help patients learn about various information actively. The array of topics on which this website provides information includes drugs, diseases, procedures, treatments, etc. In addition, the use of multimedia formats allows the website to offer information in a user-friendly manner.

Medline Plus

Medline Plus is the online platform of the United States National Library of Medicine. The national library of medicine also happens to be the world’s largest medical library. This website offers a variety of helpful information for patients and their families and caregivers alike. Users can access this platform to find information on various drugs and supplements and learn about different treatment procedures. The curated articles on healthcare topics are a valuable source of information too.

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This is one of the most popular websites for information on health and wellbeing. The articles and featured contents on this platform offer reliable information on the respective topics. Additional features on this website that need special mention include family planner resources, information on drugs and supplements, and the symptoms checker. WebMD also has a community on social media platforms where people can connect and share their experiences.

At a time when such resources are available in abundance on the internet, it is logical to leverage technology and access these. In fact, online doctor consultation is already becoming a trend as people can consult highly reputed medical professionals online. However, you must choose one of the top resources in terms of reliability. Wrong information can prove to be extremely dangerous when it comes to healthcare.

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