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Cybersecurity is a subset of the Information Security realm. Before the advent of the internet, data was stored in the data centers, and access to it was very controlled. Only people within an office premise could access the data from company-issued devices (desktops, laptops, dumb terminals), and the access to office premises and data centers was controlled via access cards, keys, security guards, etc. If there were communications between companies, it was done via private lines, and the controls were similar across organizations.

Cyber Security Management is a highly competitive field. Getting the right foundations is crucial if you want to compete for the best jobs, and without the right foundations learning cyber security courses in India can be tough to get into this fast-moving industry. There are several different Cyber Security Management Certifications that you can choose from, and your decision should be based on where your interests lie and what you want out of a post-grad certificate program.

There are a lot of cybersecurity courses that offer good information and training and take a hands-on approach to learn for any student willing to pursue this field seriously.

Points to remember before selecting a cyber security course

The following points can significantly help analyze and finalize a cybersecurity course according to your preference.

  • Understanding your exact area of interest before taking up the course.
  • Analyze the growth potential of your chosen field of interest and the same reference amongst employers and companies today.
  • Evaluate which level of cybersecurity course you can benefit from in your career based on your experience and field of choice.

Types of cyber security you should learn:

  • Network Security

Companies must pursue to upgrade their network security by executing strategies that can stop cyber-attacks.

  • Cloud Security:

Cloud presents its clients with a cloud computing platform, where the users can store and track data by executing a security tool.

Best online providers for cyber security in India

  1. Cyber-security specialization by Coursera.

Key highlights-

  • Start your career in cyber security from Coursera. Coursera offers a wide range of courses for distance learning, including “cyber-security specialization”.
  • The course consists of five total modules, which take approx. Six months to 1 year to complete the course.
  • The course covers basic to advanced specialization programs.
  • Overall, the course is perfect for taking and boosting your career.
  1. PG Certification in Cyber Security – by IIT Bangalore on Upgrade –

Many industry experts and working professionals designed this course. It is a one-year online course.

Key Highlights-

  • This course includes 300+ hours of learning.
  • It covers topics such as application security, network, security, etc.
  • It is a good option for professionals looking to upgrade their skills and beginners.
  • Here you can enjoy a 1:1 personalized mentorship from industry experts in the cybersecurity domain.
  1. Master Certificate in Cyber Security – Jigsaw Academy.

Bangalore offers this program.

Key Highlights –

  • It is a 10-month course.
  • The course includes cloud security, network security, etc.
  • The course is offered in collaboration with Israel’s premier cyber training institute. It prepares students for seven global certifications.


  1. Stanford Advanced Computer Security Programme – Great Learning

This course is the perfect blend of online and classroom teaching.

Key Highlights –

  • It is a six months course.
  • Here, the student can master coding, cryptocurrency, and network security.
  • By completing this course, you can earn a certificate from Stanford Engineering.
  • Moreover, industry experts also provide regular mentoring to prepare students for their future.


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security – Amity Online

This course is a favorite among working professionals and students. It is designed as per industry requirements.

Key Highlights –

  • Amity Future academy has launched a Digital marketing foundation course associated with NASSCOM.
  • The top Programs under online learning
  • These courses are – Product Management, Cloud computing, Blockchain and management, Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.
  • The course duration is eleven months.
  • Many technical competencies taught by real-world experts are covered under this course. These include cybersecurity operations, cloud-based security, intelligence, etc.
  1. Cybersecurity Certification Course – Edureka

Edureka is a leading global platform.

Key Highlights –

This is an online course.

  • It is a four-week course covering cryptography, application security, cyber-attacks, etc.·
  • Along with theoretical knowledge, practical classes are also covered under this course.
  • Once you register for this course, you can enjoy lifetime access to quizzes, presentations, installation guides, class recordings, etc.
  • After completing this course, you will be certified as a cybersecurity professional by Edureka.
  1. Advanced executive program in cybersecurity by Simplilearn

Key highlights-

  • The online distance learning Program will guide you from the start on using LMS, asking for support, and what needs to be done to study.
  • The course duration is a 12 months course.
  • A masterclass from top industry experts
  • IIM job assist program under the 100% placement assurance.
  • Simplilearn online learning is comfortable learning with a limited number of students in every batch that gives personal attention to everyone through online mode.

What are the benefits of learning this certification course?

The benefits of this the certification program include the following:


  • Online security is significant for a company’s success. Investing in cyber security will help ensure that your employees are safe from potential threats, such as advertising software and ransomware.
  • Wiping out viruses can slow down your computer and make work impossible. Cyber security solutions eliminate this possibility and allow you to maximize your business output.
  • Keeping people’s information safe from cyber threats will also keep people safe from cyber-attacks by proxy.


Final words

We hope you join the course as soon as possible because time waits for no one. These brilliant courses prove that it does not need to be expensive to become qualified in cybersecurity.


Ideally, you will need to take a degree or other accredited course in computer science in which you can choose networking and security topics to suit your career path; there are other

options available that you can try to test the waters and see whether the industry is for you.



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