CA coaching vs ca self study

It depends on what the student wants. Some students need proper guidance, and some students prefer self-study. Some people lack money and cannot attend coaching classes. The cost of the CA coaching class is too expensive. Students cannot afford to that they attend online courses or self-study. Self-study and CA coaching classes have their benefits and drawbacks. Here, we discuss what we should choose or what suits us.

CA Self Study

Self-study has benefits and drawbacks. Here we discuss how good or bad self-study is for us.

Benefits of CA self-study

1. Money Saving

CA coaching classes are very expensive. Some students cannot afford tuition. They prefer self-study, or if they can afford some fees, they take online classes. There are many facilities we can learn from youtube. You can save money by self-study and spend on buying more study materials.

2. Time-Saving

The CA syllabus is very long, and we must complete it on time. We have less time to complete the full course. We do more preparations in the extra time. Through self-study, we can save the time we waste on coaching.

3. Proper Concentration

Concentrate on studying properly. We can study by ourselves at home or in the library. When you study with someone, you will learn or solve fewer problems, but if you are alone, your speed will increase, and you can focus without wasting time.

4. Free Exploration

In self-study, you can freely make charts or timetables according to your plan. You can decide when to study these subjects and how much time we must give them. But in coaching, you cannot follow your plan. You must follow the schedule or timetable of the teacher in the coaching class.

5. No Stress

In the coaching class, every student has competition. Some competitors do their best, and the speed is very fast. For this reason, some average students will feel pressure and tension. But there is no pressure in self-study, you are free, and you are your competitor.

Drawbacks of CA self-study

1. Lack of Guidance

If you know or understand how to solve the problem, you don’t need any teachers or friends. However, if you don’t, you must attend a coaching class because some teachers and colleagues help you solve your problems. CA is the hardest course, and sometimes you need help.

2. Lack of Motivation

Everyone needs motivation during the study. You will not go for self-study if you have no morale because everyone hopes that teachers or friends can motivate them and cheer for their work.

3. Lack of Knowledge

In the coaching classes, you can get professional knowledge from the professor. You will get some strategies for solving equations quickly. But in self-study, you have no one to guide or teach.

CA Coaching Classes

Coaching classes have advantages and disadvantages. Here, we discuss whether a coaching class is good or bad for us.

Benefits of CA Coaching Classes

1. Proper Guidance

The advantage of attending CA coaching classes is that teachers aware of your mistakes. Because professional teachers set up institutions, they have the experience to teach students. They teach students skills and tricks to solve equations. If you are doing self-study, this is impossible.

2. Study Material

If you join a coaching institute, they will provide you study materials, such as books, mock tests, online test series, self-made notes, and last year’s papers, which are a great help. If you are considering self-study, then you must prepare notes, and no one can help. But it is easy in the coaching classes because they provide everything.

3. Colleague Support

The CA course is very difficult. Some topics are difficult to understand. Sometimes teachers are also very busy, and they don’t have time to solve your problems, and then your colleagues will solve your problems. You will discuss with your friends or ask for help to resolve your questions.

4. Professional Teaching Methods

The teachers in the coaching institutes are very professional, and they know the tricks. Teachers teach students advanced learning to solve problems because they have many years of experience.

Drawbacks of CA Coaching Classes

1. Charges Huge Money

CA courses are expensive, and their institutes are also very expensive. Some students cannot afford the high fees. This is why they do not join the coaching class. They prefer self-study rather than attending tutorial classes.

2. Time Wasting

Some students waste time in the coaching institutes. There is a waste of time during travel. Some people live far away from the coaching and waste so much time every day. You solved many problems during that time. You can consume this time by self-study or taking online classes.

3. High Competition

All types of students come to coaching classes. Smart students easily understand and cover all topics, but their competition is fierce for dull or average students. Therefore, they come under pressure. They think they are behind. They did not attract attention in class which is a disadvantage for many students.


Some students are very smart; some are mediocre. Mediocre students should attend tutorial classes so that they can easily understand the topic. Because in the coaching classes, the teachers are very professional, and they know the trick to solve the equations. Smart students can consume time by self-study. They give the extra coaching time at home to solve more problems.

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