A popular choice in single-handle bathroom vanities, a cubic brass single handle bathroom vanity sink is available with a polished or antique finish. The polished finish is ideal for those who enjoy the antique look of brass but are seeking a modern contemporary look. Clean lines and a modern appearance are the trademarks of a cubic brass sink. These sinks are made of a solid metal frame and the sink threads are stamped or engraved. The front panel pivot pulls off the sink and a flushable drain thread secures the waste outlet.

Brass has a unique sheen that can be either polished or aged to an antique patina. Cubic brass is a material that ages well and has exceptional color stability. The polished finish is also fairly easy to clean and maintain. Solid brass handles are available from a basic, single-handle design, to a double or triple ring design with polished ends. All brass handles conform to American Standard fittings and are compatible with all standard single or double sink designs.

Brass sinks require a basic installation and care regimen. To clean your sink, you will need water, soap, a soft cloth, a soft-bristled brush, and a nylon fabric sink scrubber. Sinks that use this one-handle style have a dishcloth plate and a faucet hook holding the sink together at one end. Double sinks use the same setup but have faucets attached to two separate dishes with one faucet on each dish.

The faucets themselves are installed using a wrench, like any other fixture. The first step is to loosen the nut that attaches the faucet to the sink with one of your hands. Next, turn the faucet clockwise to loosen the nut. If you have a double sink, you would use one handle for each. Once both handles are loosened, it is time to replace the faucet.

Many faucet manufacturers supply faucets with both single handle and double handle designs. The advantage to these types is the extra leverage provided by the double handle, enabling you to turn the water more freely. Double handles can also be useful if you are caring for children or elderly relatives who may have difficulty turning the handle on and off.

There are several finishes available for this brass tubing. Basic finishes include Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Weathered Black, and Engraved Brass. Satin nickel is a popular choice for this style of the sink because of its matte, mirror-like appearance. Oil rubbed bronze provides a strong, durable finish, while weathered black provides an elegant, yet rustic look. All three of these styles are available in a polished finish or oil-rubbed bronze. This style is often available as part of a matching faucet set.

Installing a bathroom vanity sink requires more careful planning than other installations. With sink vanities, you must first measure the space that the sink will be installed in. Next, choose the size of the double handles required for your sink. You must also decide whether you will install the sink yourself or hire a professional to do the job. If you opt to hire a professional, always inquire about the type of screws, hinges, and rods that are required to install your sink vanities.

Installing a single-handle bathroom vanity sink takes a few hours more than installing a double-handle version. However, there are many reasons why this decision is made, including aesthetics. A single-handle sink gives a bare feeling to the bathroom, while double handles create a sense of spaciousness. Furthermore, if you want to create an antique look, single-handle bathroom vanity sinks are a perfect choice. The only downside to a single-handle bathroom vanity sink is its limited counter space.

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