Upholstered Coffee Table

Have you found nice sofas for your living room interior? Then all you have to do is choose a perfectly matching industrial coffee table. There are many Upholstered Coffee Table, in all possible versions, materials and shapes. But how exactly are you going to find that one coffee table that fits perfectly with your seating furniture? We will give you a lot of tips here so that you will soon have the perfect table in your living room.

Coffee table height: measuring knows

The ideal height of your coffee table is easy to calculate. The height is just the same as the seat of your sofa, or a maximum of 10 cm higher. This way you don’t have to bend down if you want to take something off the table. This height is also very important for your TV corner in your living room. TV sets stand or hang quite low these days. If you choose a Upholstered Coffee Table that is too high, there are often things on your table in the way of comfortable watching TV.

Upholstered Coffee Table dimensions: length and width

The standard dimensions of a rectangular Upholstered Coffee Table are a length of 120cm to 140cm and a width of 60cm to 80cm. For a square coffee table this is from 60cm x 60cm to 80cm x 80cm. As mentioned, these are standard sizes. Of course you adjust the dimensions of your coffee table to the space you have available in your living room.

If you have a smaller house, don’t clutter your living room, but opt for a smaller coffee table. An alternative in smaller salons is to opt for some industrial side tables that you combine into a coffee table. Round coffee tables behave very differently from square or rectangular coffee tables. We’ll go into this in a little more detail below.

Upholstered Coffee Table

Don’t forget the walking space

No matter how big or how small your home and therefore also your living room, don’t forget the walking space. Always keep a distance of at least 40 cm between your Upholstered Coffee Table and your sofa. In smaller spaces, it is better to choose a narrow coffee table and thus respect your 40cm walking space, rather than choosing a wide Upholstered Coffee Table and taking your walking space too small. You really need this 40cm to cross each other when entering and leaving your salon furniture. Also think about footstools in your walking space that you may slide on. They count as a sofa to determine the size of your coffee table.

How big should a round coffee table be?

The difficult thing about round coffee tables is to choose the right dimensions. If you would only look at the available surface, you might make the wrong choice. A round Upholstered Coffee Table with a diameter of 60cm has much less surface area than a square coffee table with a diameter of 60cm. In addition,

if you place your round coffee table in the middle of the sofa, the guests sitting at the far end will have more trouble reaching the coffee table. One large round coffee table is sometimes used for corner sofas. If you have two sofas placed one above the other, it is best to opt for several small coffee tables or side tables. You can easily find very nice round Upholstered Coffee Table that consist of a set of smaller tables. This is a perfect solution for your living room. This way, every occupant has a table at the perfect distance.

Side table height: what about that?

Normally a side table is always a bit higher than a Upholstered Coffee Table. In the living room, it is usually placed next to the seating furniture to create extra space to store a drink or a reading book. Either it is used decoratively to place a work of art, a beautiful plant or a table lamp. Do you want to use a side table as a Upholstered Coffee Table? Then stick to the guidelines of a Upholstered Coffee Table when it comes to height. You can also combine low and higher side tables to form a coffee table. As long as it stays comfortable, it’s OK.

Upholstered Coffee Table

Upholstered Coffee Table at corner sofa: how to choose?

With a corner sofa you use roughly the same rules as with a freestanding sofa. Keep 40cm of walking space between the table and the sofa so that everyone can easily get in and out of the corner sofa. With a square or rectangular table, it is aesthetically ideal to have at least one of the sides of the table flush with one of the sides of your seating furniture. A Upholstered Coffee Table that is too small with a very large corner sofa is a bit ‘lost’.

Which shape do you choose for your coffee table?

The shape of a Upholstered Coffee Table is of course a matter of personal taste. But be careful: the shape of a coffee table has a lot of influence on the final look of your living room. Do you already have a lot of clean lines in your interior and do you want to break through this? Then a round Upholstered Coffee Table is ideal. However, do you want to stick to clean lines? Then of course you choose a square or rectangular table. Or how about triangular Upholstered Coffee Table with rounded corners? These have a tough and at the same time retro look.

What function do you give to your coffee table?

You can choose to let your Upholstered Coffee Table just be beautiful. Many coffee tables are decorative and sometimes real works of art. On the other hand, there are very nice coffee tables in which you can store all kinds of things. This is ideal for storing the children’s toys, your magazines or your craft supplies, for example. A Upholstered Coffee Table with storage function is also always a nice bonus in smaller homes. With the Upholstered Coffee Table with storage space, you can choose between, for example, drawers, compartments or shelves.

Your Upholstered Coffee Table in function of your lifestyle

We mentioned above that a Upholstered Coffee Table with storage space is ideal for families with small children. But this is not the only criterion for choosing your Upholstered Coffee Table. Do you often have many guests over? Then it is advisable to work with a set of coffee tables and/or side tables.

Do you have young but rather busy children who like to play on the Upholstered Coffee Table in the living room? Then choose a sturdy model that can take a beating and that does not fall over easily. Are you quite steadfast and do you hardly change your interior? Then choose a heavy, sturdy coffee table. Do you like to change? Then go for a table on wheels. For example, you can probably think of a number of aspects that you should take into account when choosing a Upholstered Coffee Table.

Upholstered Coffee Table

Combine with the rest of your interior

Always remember that your Upholstered Coffee Table is not alone in your home furnishings. It goes without saying that you have them match your seating furniture. But it should also match your dining table and chairs and your living room cabinets. Make them match your floors, walls and ceiling perfectly. And you can, for example, match the materials of your Upholstered Coffee Table to the materials of your lighting. Choose a beautiful wall decoration and a matching curse to accompany your coffee table. This way your Upholstered Coffee Table comes into its own even more.

Last but not least: the style

Once you’ve worked out all of the above criteria for yourself, you’ll of course also choose your own style. Which materials are already present in your interior, especially in your living room? Depending on this, you can go for a Upholstered Coffee Table in wood, metal or, for example, concrete look. Do you want a sturdy metal frame, a wire structure as a frame or fine, elegant legs?

Are you going for a thick wooden table top or a fine metal top? Everything is possible. The advantage of sturdy Upholstered Coffee Table is that they suit all styles. A robust Upholstered Coffee Table in natural wood and black metal can be a beautiful eye-catcher in a sleek modern interior. Of course, a sturdy coffee table finds its place in the loft home or an industrial building. But you will also come across more and more industrial style Upholstered Coffee Table in rural homes.

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