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Working towards your dreams is an uphill battle. You have to make the right strategies, keep yourself motivated, and put in your best efforts without losing sight of your goal. When I started as a contractor in California, my goal was clear but seemed too distant. As I am based out of California, I had to learn a lot of new things to start my business. Thanks to the excellent services of Citylocal Pro, I believe it’s important to write this Citylocal Pro Review to help other struggling businesses. 

Struggling to make my business legally compliant

It’s been more than two years since I started my work as a home remodeling contractor in California. A year before that I was struggling to make my business legally compliant. Once all the preparations were done, the next step is to get the word out about my business and get good leads. 

My team had a good business website but was unaware of the importance of a digital marketing strategy. That’s the reason we struggled hard. It is no secret that making big as a home remodeling contractor takes a lot longer than a year or two but we needed to get more customers to build up the reputation. 

Simple but best business listing directory :

About six months ago, a friend of mine told me about Citylocal Pro. It appeared to be a simple business listing directory to us. Once our business got registered on it, I got to know that Citylocal Pro also offers digital marketing services. As several customers were saying good things about them and were satisfied with the results, we considered hiring them. My team would agree that it was the best decision we have made so far. Since then we go to them for all of our marketing needs.

What makes their services distinguished from others is that they provide excellent information to the customer. At first, the team analyzes the existing marketing strategy and then points out what was going in the wrong direction. They make decisions based on statistics. 

Customer services is great:

The customer service is great. You can ask as many questions as you like. A shout out to Chris Parker working at customer service who has been listening to our concerns and answering each of them along with providing daily updates. Yes! You get to know what’s working and what’s not on daily basis. 

Once you know your business marketing is in good hands, you can focus on other important things. City local Pro keeps us in the loop about what can benefit my website and business. Whether your goal is to achieve higher rankings or more traffic, Citylocal Pro can make a difference for you. When you work with them, you get a free listing in their business directory as well as get listed in 30-60 optimized umbrella pages for zero charges. 

24/7 human support:

A dedicated 24/7 human support is constantly helping different businesses in updating their online listings. I am pleased that the team of experts at Citylocal Pro provides me a monthly online traffic report and an audit of my business website. 

The progress for our business has been phenomenal in the last six months. But there is a catch! If you are looking to get results overnight, you will be a bit disappointed because Citylocal Pro only used white hat SEO techniques to get you ahead of your competitors. And that takes some time.

Thank You

Whether you run a painting business or a house cleaning company, the search engine optimization and web design services of Citylocal Pro can help you achieve your goals a lot sooner than you expected. We would recommend them to any business out there. You can also check other Citylocal Pro testimonials. Thank you Citylocal Pro!

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