Commercial security systems Vs residential security systems.


Compared to residential security systems, the scope of commercial security is wider. There are much more variables involved – more people to track, more ground to cover, and incompetence can have severe implications. Also, the scale and nature of the threats are larger. Companies leave no stones unturned in their security efforts. Business security differs from regular security in the following ways.

Access security system.

Due to the large number of people going in and out of commercial buildings, a system for monitoring traffic is mandatory. The entrance gate card access security system features electronic doors or locks, and an access control server. Most times, the server is cloud-based.

Guest and staff can gain access through keycards fobs, mobile devices, or their biometrics, i.e retina or fingerprint. Access security is an excellent security solution that provides access to only authorized individuals, it also keeps a log that records when the doors are accessed.

24/7 monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring is more common in commercial buildings than residential homes. Many homeowners who have security monitoring choose to access surveillance through their smartphones. In commercial buildings, it is necessary to have a team of dedicated staff monitoring the “ins and outs” of things in the building.

Installation and price.

Installing s security system for a commercial building can be left to untrained professionals. Commercial security systems are more complicated and have more components than residential systems. Professionals have to follow due process to ensure that everything is in place. Conversely, some homeowners may opt for DIY solutions rather than having a professional installation.

As expected, the complex system and the level of expertise needed for installation amps up the price for a commercial security system.

Security alarm systems.

Commercial security alarm system in Utah differs from residential alarm systems. Home alarm systems are typically designed to be discrete and look flush with the decor. On the other hand, businesses don’t need these types of specifications.

They use the most effective alarm systems available. Also, commercial alarm systems store way more data than regular ones- This is due to the high level of traffic and interaction in commercial premises. Places of commerce monitor for more variables than the average homeowners.


Security companies have to tailor different security systems to meet the need of their clients. As we have shown, commercial premises security requires more features and procedures due to the nature of their businesses.

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